Kayak clubs in Western New York ?

I’m trying to locate some kayak clubs in western New York Buffalo/ Niagara Falls area. The computer gives me a few but not very close by. Would appreciate anyones input, thanks, Tom Atkinson 3-2-13

not exactly “close”

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The Cataraqui Canoe Club in Kingston, Ontario is a very active and skilled group of both kayak and canoe paddlers with a lot of outings. Not exactly "close" (3 to 4 hours drive?) but some of their trips might be closer to you.

Buffalo outdoor meetup
Buffalo Outdoor Meetup (BOM’ers). Not really a kayak/canoe club but they have paddles in the summer time.They have a meetup for roll class March 12 tuesday at indoor pool. More info here http://www.meetup.com/buffalo-outdoors/events/104440442/?_af_eid=104440442&a=uc1_te&_af=event

Also Evergreen Outfitters located in Ashville NY does a few paddles I go on like the Barcelona Harbor paddle on Tuesday evenings about a hour drive from Buffalo.Evergreen Outfitters are the ones doing the roll class.They also have many other paddles I have done with them. There based near Chautauqua Lake.

Also Path peaks and paddles has tuesday and thursday paddles free if you have your own kayak. http://www.pathspeakspaddles.com/index.html

they also have some paid trips.

Plus I go with another group run by Bob not a club but we had a kayak party this past January and had over 70 paddlers there. Paddle Oak Orchard creek and others. I use my plastic kayak on paddles like that. Bob is a guy who just knows a ton of people and arranges paddles. You can email me for more info.


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I live in Western NY and know about a couple of shops that schedule trips. email me

Edit: I see cd9mm beat me to the punch...I think for that the three of us should go for a paddle?

Yes the three of us on a paddle when it warms up is good with me. Iam not a winter paddler even though I have a drysuit. If theres snow I stick to skiing.

Cold weather kayaking? NOT !
Thanks for the input everyone, from the looks of the weather it will be awhile before I go out kayaking. I own a canoe and can handle it okay but this is my first time at kayaking and I have an inflatable Sea Eagle SE 330 that I’m anxious to try however at 75 years of age the water will have to be warm enough to sustain life should I roll over. I’ll keep you guys in mind for a future paddle get together and Oak Orchard looks like a great place to go as I’m familiar with that area being from Niagara Falls,NY. Tom Atkinson 3-4-13

Oak Orchard
The one group I go with do Oak Orchard allot.Its a one way trip as its moving water. Best to use a plastic boat as you will scrape and hit a few rocks and the like. We get in near the 104 and down the 63 a little and get out at Townline Rd just before the bridge at Oak Orchard River Rd.We stop about halfway down for lunch. There is a spot with a few chairs for lunch and a trash can for any garbage.We car pool most of the cars to the end.

there is a yahoo paddling group-wny paddliung and more. we mostly paddle solo canoes,but darkside boats often come on our paddles an are welcomed.


Chautauqua Lake
I mostly paddle Chautauqua Lake so if you are ever in that area let me know. This year I’ll be on the lookout for some new areas to paddle. I have a glass boat so I need to be somewhat careful of where I paddle. The past two years I’ve done Paddles Up Niagara which has been fun. I do a lot of solo paddling so whenever I get a chance to paddle with others it is welcome.

Chautauqua Lake
Sure I have paddled Chautauqua Lake a little bit, I did the end to end challenge put on by Evergreen outfitters. 18 mile run. I too have a fiberglass kayak and also my plastic one for places like oak Orchard (no glass boats there).Iam in Tonawanda right near the river so I paddle there too quite a bit. Cant wait for it to warm up. Planning a trip to Georgion Bay for this summer. Its only a 4 to 6 hour drive depending on were I decide to go.

Chautauqua Lake
sjt78, thanks for the info, I’ll e-mail you when I’m down in your area,probably June, Tom, 3-5-13

Genessee Valley ADK
Genessee Valley chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club has a paddling group… they run quite a number of day trips during the year.