Kayak Coaching, NYC/Long Island NY

In search of a credentialed/certified/pro sea kayak coach in the NYC/Long Island area. In my searching, I found the Kayak Foundation in Brooklyn and Sea Kayak Connecticut, both of which have an assortment of experienced coaches according to the websites. Looking for feedback about your experiences with them or alternatives.

Background: I’m looking to refresh my skills after a long hiatus from kayaking. I was very active, solid intermediate skills, took rolling and rescue classes. Stopped and sold all my gear when kids came. Dipped a toe back in this summer, love it still but realize some skills have deteriorated. The people and shops I used to frequent are long gone or have transitioned to SUP rentals. The local club has a “you must have your own boat” rule, so that will have to wait.

I’m looking for an actual coach, not a summer hire at a rental place. I’m willing to drive a bit but some of the ‘more famous’ coaches (my description) are 5 hours round trip away and that’s a little too far at this point for a basic skills refresher. I’m in Nassau County, NY.

Thanks in advance.

I have a person certified instructor on Long Island. Tim is his name I’ll get contact info.

Not sure if you’re on FB let me know.

Nah, I’m not on FB. There’s a limit to how many message boards, social accounts I can tolerate. FB is where I draw the line.

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I sent Tim message for contact info…

Much appreciated. I didn’t realize it would be so hard. Years ago, I reached out to an outfitter (now gone) and they plugged me in with a guide/coach, we met at Ansville Creek and we spent the day working on strokes, wet exits etc. I really benefit from adult-level coaching and patience and got a lot out of that. In fact a week later my wife and I aided a kayaker swimming in the Hudson after he capsized and didn’t know how to re-enter.

I’ve been searching for the better part of a week now, and many places are rental operations with seasonal help or the bigger places are just outside the distance I’m currently willing to drive; Eastern CT and RI are nice I’m sure but that’s a lot of driving. Appreciate your help.

Marshall Seddon at The River Connection in Hyde Park.

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Gave Tim my email didn’t send anything.

Thanks. I reached out to Marshall. Either he doesn’t do email…or he may be out paddling for a 9-11 commemorative event.

He is currently on the water with Operation Deep Blue.

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Marshall will get back to you after his good deed.

Ok sent you Tim’s into in message.

You might try contacting Bill Lonzano of Atlantic Kayak Tours in Staatsburg. It’s possible he knows someone.

Email sent. I used them years ago—if my memory is correct – when they were near Sleepy Hollow. Getting in touch with these places is a challenge. In the past 4 days I’ve sent 9 emails to various shops and clubs. Not one has been answered. Maybe they only operate on weekends.

Yes, many places have been operating in a much more limited fashion because of the pandemic. Hopefully you’ll hear something back.

We had an afternoon session with Marshall last year. We thought we were good paddlers before but after the session, wow. We’re so much better now.

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Back at HQ today from the 210 mile www.operationdeepblue.org expedition.

Putting together a customized program is easy. We just need to compare calendars. Give a call or any other modes of contact below.

BTW - I never saw an email from you. Then again I have been working off of a phone for the past 10 days.

See you on the water,
Marshall Seddon
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845-229-0595 main
845-242-4731 mobile
Main: www.the-river-connection.com
Store: www.the-river-connection.us
Email: marshall@the-river-connection.com
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Great job great cause thanks Marshall :+1::sunglasses: God bless.

Great chatting with you this afternoon, Marshall. Looking forward to coordinating our calendars.

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