kayak comparison

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Looking for any feedback about the the Van Dusan Mohican compared to the WSBS Thunderbolt. I'm looking for a fast adventure racing kayak and think these would 2 good choices. Currently have a fast sea kayak and ICF K-1.

My 2 cents
I did not personally paddle a Thunderbolt … only an EFT and a Mohican. Therefore, I cannot comment on the performance … although I heard several poeple comment both boats are very similar in their cruising speeds.

However, one reason I ordered a Mohican for is the option to re-enter the boat from the deep water after I flipped it. I understand, you can learn to roll the Thunderbolt but for that you have to confine yourself a bit more in the sit-in kayak.

Also cockpit size (with regards to hips) might be different in both boats. I think, the Mohican might accomodate wider paddlers.

Another choice
Haven’t tried the boats you mention - just a suggestion to look at Nemo and Marlin by Kayakpro - racing sea kayaks that look nice. Haven’t tried these either.

i have mohican and t-bolt and eft.
mohican is faster on flat and has superb ergonomics but I feel safer in t-bolt when naILED BY BIG WAVES BECUASE T-BOLT HAS SMALL OUT OF WAY THIGH BRACES… t-bolt might be faster in the ocean because it is more multipurpose with more nose volume. Used t-bolts are about $1400. Check archives for long thread. Getting back in mohican might require paddle float. futura2 might be better all round boat

If adventure racing, I’d be inclined to go EFT vs. T Bolt. The T Bolt starts to go away above 7 mph thanks to more glide, but the EFT stays with it right to there. The EFT is considerably more stable and gives you at least one bulkhead if you go that option (and I would-wish it had two). A fg or kevlar ski with kick up rudder might be another great choice, such as a Huki S1-R. You can opt it with bungees, hatches, grab handles, etc. It won’t be quite as fast as the Mohican or T-Bolt (or even the EFT), but in rough water, Class 2 rapids, etc. you’ll be paddling vs. swimming.