kayak compass choices???????

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I have a Orca which I like but they always fails due to fluid leaking out which makes me furious at 75 ea or even 100 bucks I see listed now. This is the third one that failed. I never leave it in the sun except when it is in use.

I was looking at


I like Ritchie compasses I have had on my race boats and regular boats. My Current Designs boats have a peaked deck which doesn't let all compasses mount easy. The Orca I cut two notches in base and it sits nice.

Current Designs makes a mount as seen hear for a Ritchie Compass


Really don't want to cut the deck on the three Current Designs boats I have plus it would be 450 for three plus my time to install. I do like the look but it may get in the way of deck bags or other items when permanently mounted. Portable bungee compass is nice as I just keep it with my gear and use on any kayak.

Brunton/Silva 58
You can get a bungee mount Brunton 58 for about $30 on Amazon. Have never used one, so can’t comment on durability.

+1 on the Brunton
It is economical, works well and you can bungee it on your deck and remove it in seconds. The foam base conforms to the center ridge of your deck and the even tension of the bungees keeps it nice and level.

If you want to go with a permanent installation, you could fashion a base out of a block of nice hardwood (cherry, mahogany, whatever). Just match the shape of the deck with a contour gauge, a few cuts, sanding and varnishing and you have a very handsome mount you can epoxy to the deck.

got wood

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Thanks may make a wood one this winter. Have a contour gauge so it would be fairly easy and I can pick the compass of my choice. Slightly bigger would be nice. Was thinking of mini-cell but it wouldn't last I guess. I can make some nice bungees to go through the wood base. I'll look at a Bruton again also in mean time. thanks all!


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bruton for 40 on flea bay shipped. May take a hole saw to minicell for base and vee it out to fit base and glue it. Think I have a chunk around 3" thick. Near same on Amazon two bucks more. Supposed to get it this Friday from flea bay which is faster than Amazon

  • 2 on the Brunton 58
    I just recently picked up a Brunton 58 kayak compass myself, and have been enjoying its usage. Since I do not live right at a coastal location, I found this one to be most perfect for my all my navigational purposes & needs when required. The compass is easy to put on and likewise when finished. If I did spend a good portion of my time away from the shoreline, I would most certainly install a full timer onboard. The Brunton 58 was relatively inexpensive and so far seems to be a good piece of gear to suit my needs.

got it

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Looks good made in Sweden and not China. Hopefully it last longer. Will try it in the an or may be tonight.
Sits on deck nice even with the peak.