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Anybody use a Brunton 58 compass? It’s a deck compass that doesn’t permanently mount to the deck, has little lanyards to clip into the rigging. I have a 14’ Impex mystic and don’t see a need to always have a compass. I was able to compare the Bruntons and the Suuntu Orcas this weekend and I think I kind of like the Bruton one better, it was easier to see with the magnifying glass. However, the show only had the more expensive ones that are permanent. I checked online and saw a “Brunton 58” that is simple and looks nice. Plus, I think I’d like to get a longer boat for ocean travel where I think a compass is handy anyway, so the Mystic is kind of a temporary boat until I get a larger/longer one for longer trips…

Any recommendations on the compass before I splurge…


If precision isn’t necessary . . .
I have a Ritchie sportabout. It is not nearly as precise as a proper marine compass, but is small, very durable and corrosion resistant, and can easily be tied to your deck.

Only good for about 2 degrees or so, but good enough for me.

Another clip on option
Also a Nexus 70P with the optional clip on mount allows you to remove it and also have it as a hand held sighting compass. Floats too, not a bad thing.

See you on the water,



Ritchie Angler

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I have a Ritchie Angler surface mount. I have thin guage bungee and it goes through pre-drilled holes in the base (you can see on the enlarged picture) and attaches, as you say, to the shock cords. I love this compass. It is much better than my Suuntu Orca, which I use on my rec kayak.

Interesting, how does the night lighting work, is it simply reflective (use with headlamp) or actually has a light and needs a battery of some sort?


Hi Jay
It has an actual light with tiny light bulb in the base… the top comes off the base (making it even easier for you to get the bungee inside… it basically just passes through the compass) with the clicker buttons you see on the side in the enlarged picture. I have never hooked up the light, but it can be, according to the instructions, hooked to a boat marine type charge (for sailboats and larger vessels). It might, and this i have not tried, be able to be hooked to a AAA battery source by someone skilled in those types of things).

The pice may be cheaper elsewhere than the lionk I gave you… I got mine at West Marine, which has a website and they have TONS of compasses. Also available on eBay. Good luck, Jay

I have one
and recomend it for the use you describe. I have added a piece of industrial strength Velcro to the bottom of the compass and to the place where I mount it on my kayak when I use it. Have never had a problem.

Is the 58 actually reflective, (i.e. can be read at dusk/dawn or at night.

Actually, I kind of prefer it simply have numbers on it rather than “NSEW” or "SW,NW"etc. etc. But beggars can’t be chosers. I’ve seen the 58 for $36 on some online places.


Got a Brunton 58
Well, I found a Brunton 58 online for $30 although shipping was a ripoff, the final price was still good from a place called redorbit.com:


That’s a good price for something that is typically $40-$44 elsewhere online and more retail…


No. God, no. Not the Brunton!
I’m kidding. Looks like a nice compass. :slight_smile:

Geez Louise!
Stop scaring me! :slight_smile:

I hope I can trust a place called redorbit… The last thing I want to be doing in my kayak is orbitting, prefer to stay on the water really.

If you don’t hear from me in a month or so, you can presume that the compass is not good!


: - )