Kayak Cover Question

I’m moving to a new place where I have to store my yak outside. I’ve been searching the net for slip on type kayak covers (usually zippered) which will protect the yak from u/v and the elements. Has anyone used a cover that they would recommend? Some of the ones I researched have reviewer comments saying that they leaked.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Polytarps don’t leak.
I don’t cover mine which are mostly out of the sun. They do get dirty.

canoe cover
I am using those zippered green lined-canvas covers made for canoes, available on the Walmart website for $42 (14’ size, but they’re actually about 16’ long). They’re overly wide for kayaks and not 100% watertight but they keep the sun, bugs and dirt out. Now I leave the zipper open a few inches to let condensation evaporate out.

Look at Cabelas
I have used one from there for years. I’ve been pretty happy with it.

This place could help…

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They seem rather costly though. I'm thinking for winter storage they would be nice. This winter I used plastic tarps for storing them outside and stacked the tarp down. I put a cockpit cover on and my kayak stayed nice and dry. During the paddling season I just throw a tarp over the kayaks. Helps that they live on the trailer and I have a lot of trees in my yard for shade.