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I’m trying to decide what kayak cover to buy for my wife’s Dagger Zydeco. I can’t seem to find any specifically made for that model. We’re still new to the sport, so are there coveres that are made in different sizes and we just have to find one that fits? If that’s the case, any recommendations as to what we should get? We keep the yaks stored inside, but I’m thinking on getting this for long distance transport on the roof rack.



Don’t miss the Danuu cover. You can see it in the Paddling.net Accessory Buyers’ Guide at:




Cabella’s has cheap ones that work pretty well.

I am no help on the cover, but since…
…you said you are relatively new I was wondering why you want a cover for you kayak, unless you are storing it outside on a permanent basis in which case a ordinary tarp would be good?

I don’t know of any one other than the guys with the carbon-graphite racing kayaks that cover them.

I am hoping that some salesman didn’t tell you that you should have one.

I carry two kevlar kayaks all over the country and have never needed a cover for them.

I took two plastic sea kayaks on a four month fifteen thousand mile trip and never even considered covering them.

Just throwing this out for you to ponder!



thanks for the tips everyone!

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I'll check them both out!

Hi Jack,
No one really said I needed one. I just thought if we were traveling and it rained and we had a cover over the cockpit, she wouldn't have to sit in a wet foam seat. That's all. Happy wife=happy hubby :)

I apologize !

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I read into your post that you were going to get a whole kayak cover, not a cockpit cover.
I'll withdraw everything that I said above and just add that a cockpit cover is a great thing to have.
We use them all the time.

Almost all of the major outfitting stores carry them, but make sure try it on for fit before getting one

I would also add after you get it, when you are using it, make sure it is tethered to something on the yak when you are traveling.
They love to fly off and I am sure that many are lying on the shoulders of the major interstates


thanks Jack
I appreciate the advice. Will definately tie it down. No need throwing money away. I do enough of that as it is. :o

Something for hull of WW kayak on rack?
Anybody have any ideas for something I could stretch over the upside-down hull and ends of my 7’6" L x 25" W whitewater kayak (Wave Sport Diesel 65) while it rides on my rack many days, soaking up way too much UV light?

Why not wrap it in a tarp…
before you throw it up on the rack?

If you are using the double loop tie down method with your straps just cinch it down tight.



Yes, but …
I’m looking for something sleeker and more attractive for long term use … I drive around with it up there half of the time as a newspaper photojournalist and occasionally use it for work.

Maybe I’ll look for a small/cheaper stretch-over motorcycle cover or someting like that.

Seals cockpit covers

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Seals sells cockpit covers that beside attaching to the bungies fore of the cockpit also come with a lenght of webbing that embraces the hull and stays very firmly attached, it is very strong and at least in my boat's case, very waterproof as well.

Just make sure your cockpit is dry before putting it on for longer periods of time, otherwise when you take it off your boat will be smelling like old wet socks.