Kayak cover?

I recently bought a Manitou 13 and I have been looking for a cover/bag for the kayak, but so far to no avail. I live in the UK, so I don’t really have access to Danuu, which seems to be the only company making affordable caovers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

kayak covers
Try this link: www.kayakcovers.com

They’re out of Maine and have good quality kayak covers and cockpit covers made to fit at reasonable prices.

i know a cover that fits into a small
bottle, its called 303 :slight_smile:

Yeeeee, but…
Yeee, but that will not really protect the boat from wear and tear - only UV :).

The problem is that the kayak is stored alongside a billion other boats, and I would like to protect it from these - not the sun, hehe.

yeah i was being goofy
you could always go to Walmart, look for the bargain bin in materials and simply sew a giant sock for your boat,one long seam and at one end sew in a channel for a draw cord to cinch it shut…should be able to do this for around $20…maybe wife/girlfriend/mom could provide the sewing machine? and some materials work with a glued seem…the materials found at wallyworld might not be as good as what the ‘manufactured’ kayak covers come in but they all serve the purpose of sacrifice for the integrity of the boat.

here is what i was told a few weeks ago
I had purchased a kayak and want to keep it well covered. I posted about a month ago and was turned on to


got it yesterday and it seems nice and has a 3 year warranty

Hi Taxman,

Thanks so much - this product is just in the price-range that I was considering.

Just bought one - will probably take a looooong time before it dumps in my mail-box here in the UK though…