Kayak cover

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Normally, the boat is stored in the garage, comes out and onto the roof rack when I want to go paddling, then goes back into the garage when I'm done. But a group of friends paddles one night a week after work so I'd have to haul the boat to work and leave it on top of the car in the sun all day before paddling. Okay ... call me anal ... but I don't like the idea of having the boat sit naked in the hot blazing sun for 10-12 hours (although personally I would be okay with doing that myself). I've looked at kayak covers and have seen prices ranging from $35 to $250. I'm even willing to try to sew one up myself if I can find the right material (but ... I am no seamster). I worry that the cheaper ones would fly apart at highway speeds. I worry that the more expensive ones are overkill for my budget.

Any suggestions?

BTW - boat is fiberglass.

Use 303 on it and it will be fine.

Agree on the 303 Aerospace Protectant
Been using it for over 15 years, and my boats spend most of the summer on my car in blazing southern Illinois sun, I rarely take 'em off, and they look new. Thought about a cover once but figured it’d be a hassle unless it was skin tight to prevent buffeting at highway speeds, but skin tight covers are a pain to get on usually (had a custom one years ago for my windsurfer), and they kinda hamper the contact with my saddles. And unless it was made for your kayak specifically, it will be baggy and buffet in the wind on your rack. Just buy some 303 (hey, look under area code 62901 for the U.S. on the 303 sight provided above, GREAT little shop!) Nothing wrong with a little shameless self promoting, eh? IF you do opt for a good cover, try to find one made of a breathable material.

Rip stop nylon
My wife picked some up at walmart for $1 yard. Bought a zipper and made it herself.

I’ve been using 303 …
… but the boat is fairly new so I don’t have enough experience with the product yet. Everyone I talk to sings its praises, though.

303 and park in the shade…