Kayak Cover

Looking for recommendations for a kayak cover. I’ve got a 17’ kevlar/carbon fiber Hornbeck kayak that - unfortunately - must be stored outside year round. Need to protect against sun damage and general weather (Northern Virginia climate).

Can anyone help?

I’ve looked at Danuu but not sure what is or isn’t a good brand.

Ready made
will work but you can make something yourself that does the job just as well. Using a tarp is easy as long as you build some type of frame to create an air space above the boat. This should keep the tarp from sagging when wet and allow air flow so it doesn’t bake inside. Setting up in the shade helps a lot if you can.

A cockpit cover helps keep everything out of the boat. They’re also pretty easy to make using bungee cord and nylon or plastic sheeting.

painting tarps
When I’ve had to store boats outside I’ve stuck to breathable cotton canvas tarps. Sherwin Williams paint stores sell long skinny ones, 6’ x 20’, which are perfect to drape over even the longest sea kayak to keep sunlight, bird crap and tree sap off. I flip the tarp over once a week to keep mildew from starting (mildew hates sunlight.) To keep the corners from catching the wind and blowing back I wrap a plum-sized rock in each corner, securing it with a wrap of string or a covered pony tail elastic (rubber bands will quickly become brittle.) You could also use sewn on or peel-and-stick Velcro to overlap and fasten the tarp or just wrap bungees around it. Watch for Sherwin Williams “grand opening” sales when everything in the store is half off. I think I only paid about $6 each for these tarps.They are machine washable and also handy to lay out on the lawn for sorting and organizing your paddling gear before extended trips.

Even now that I can store my boats in a walk-out basement, I still use those tarps over them – keeps the dust off and the cats out.

a couple other options
search on Ebay for “custom kayak cover”, you’ll find a guy who makes them out of marine fabric to whatever size you need.

also, I’ve had good results using Dallas Manufacturing brand covers for the past 3 years (available from Amazon and from Sportman’s Guide) – they make up to an 18’ length, and they’re canoe-sized so they have extra slack in the middle, not necessarily a bad thing. Some water does seep into in them during heavy rains so I install grommets to allow them to drain out the bottom and help them breathe better.

Danuu covers work fine - I have the ‘Buddy’. It doesn’t get any use as my boats are indoors, are you interested in buying used?

Simple method:
a silver tarp with the silver side out

Jack L

Great idea!
I’ll check out the narrow canvas tarps. I have to keep my boats outside too – all in the shade but tree shade isn’t as good as the north side of the house. Thanks for the idea.

Canoe/Kayak Cover
I too have to store one of my boats (canoe) outside - not enuf room in the garage. I picked up this product (16’foot version) about a month ago and have been pleased. Seemed like a good value, and I’ve been pleased.

Check this site out for the 18 foot version


Chek out
Kayak Cover of Charleston. They don`t give them away but simply the best cover out there.

There is this bulk stuff

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- I think it's called Tyvek, used in shipping packages and in construction to cover windows etc until house is finished. Black on one side, white on another. Don't know if mine is exactly it - got a roll after a dope grower when he had to close the business, they use it to cover basement windows. 4ft roll of double-folded sheet, i.e. 8ft width, but you don't need more than 3-4ft width. Cut the required length and strap it with a few bungees with hooks to upside down kayak. HAd to replace bungees a few times, but the plastic film lasts forever. You shouldn't wrap the kayak from below - only cover top and sides.

Tarps are never in the right size - if it's long enough then it's too wide, and collects water, and making a tarp smaller is a pain - the edges are fraying.