kayak covers cockpit covers

1- are kayak covers good for storage outdoors or just for transporting?

2- how do I determine what kind of cockpit cover to get? Older Necky Looksha 14.


The cockpit on my Looksha Sport
is similar to cockpits on my ww kayaks. It would be best if you could go to a store and try them on your boat.

I like to get kayaks thoroughly dried out first. Then I may put a cockpit cover on to keep dirt and critters out.

You may be able to find mesh paneled cockpit covers that allow drying.

When traveling, I carry kayaks inverted. One reason is that cockpit covers sometimes come off even when carefully fitted.

I prefer the vinyl
over neoprene or nylon there seems to be less leakage.

I prefer the ones with a loop allowing you to secure the cover with a strap around the boat.



Neoprene shouldn’t leak unless it has
sustained damage. But neoprene for cockpit covers is rare. I used to make my own.

Not sure what you mean by “vinyl.” Vinyl coated fabric?

On “leakage,” with some cockpit rim well designs, changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure can cause water sitting in the rim well to be pumped under the cockpit cover bungee and into the boat. Later cockpits often have little drain channels so water doesn’t sit against the bungee.

Neoprene most secure

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And they are easily found if you look at places that handle transitional or sea kayaks. No need to make your own for a known cockpit size like this unless you want to save some bucks. I am not sure how much you save though.

To avoid losing them driving, just get a basic carbineer and clip the loop (they will still have loops) to the bungie or other nearby deck rigging. If that is missing run a strap around the boat and clip it to that. A two dollar investment clip will save a $60 cockpit cover.

That said, we find that the neoprene covers come off less easily driving than the nylon ones. I can't get off of one hand on counting times we have looked in the mirror and seen them flapping around.

The value of a cockpit cover is that it reduces wind drag and just generally keeps things more secure driving. At home it protects against things like sun damage or critters eating part of your bulkhead. Squirrels can be fond of nesting in that nice foam bulkhead that will be a PITA to replace if you have to reshape and fit one yourself.

I'd consider it part of your basic boat gear unless you have inside storage and tolerance for a pretty noisy ride to the launch site.

My .02,
I’ve never had anything but nylon covers. I wouldn’t mind trying vinyl or neoprene in the future.

My boats with smaller cockpits seem to keep the cover on while traveling, even very long trips. Larger cockpits less so.

One thing that may make a difference is that we use cheap beach balls in our cockpits under the cover. Primarily to keep the rain water from pooling on the cover, but it may help keep it on as there would be less flapping around.

As for storage, most certainly. I went to pick up a loaner kayak from my bro-in-law, who didn’t cover the cockpit, and had to get two black widow spiders out of the boat before I would get in it. I’ve no particular fear of spiders, but that’s just not going to happen.

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covers …
…covers keep the bugs and spiders out of the boat. the cheaper vinyl ones probably will last a couple of yrs before the sun dries them out , if the boat is stored outside in the sun. cockpit covers also help reduce drag while transporting. links below may help determine cover size…you need to know length / width of the cockpit opening.


We have both neoprene and coated

Our preference is the neoprene. They stay nice and tight, and therefore won’t puddle in a rain storm.

The coated nylon will sag and form a puddle when it rains, and then after a few years, they will leak through.

Kind of the same with spray skirts

They all wear out after a while.

Jack L