Kayak Covers - What's The Best Style?

I’m requeting assistance on what’s the best style of kayak covers - a slip on style with various adjustable straps or a complete slip-in kind of cover (hand & glove model). I live in northwest/central (Weeki Wachee) Florida area and unfortunately at this time my new Hobie Outback Kayak is kept outside, on the dock area, and is exposed to the Florida elements. I have the kayak lifed up & is secured on a PVC stand I made (locked by cables & locks, and bolts drilled into the cement sea wall). I currently have the kayak covered by a heavy duty type of tarp, doubled over, and the tarp is rated for protection against the sun; however, the tarp is a pain to take on/off. I want to make sure the kayak cover can dry out on its own, easy to use (put on and to take off), and durable if I use it while traveling. Thank you for your assistance! Paul

Piragis.com used to offer some
breathing Tyvek covers.

max canvas

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I live in South Florida so can understand your concern. About 4 years ago I had full kayak covers made from this company:


The covers are well made and priced. The kayaks were stored on a rack on my patio. No problems with mildew and they were protected from the elements. The fabric was a breathable type. I also had him make me a cover for my canoe which also is stored outside on a rack. No problems at all and the covers are still in very good shape. I think he can make a cover to your specs. The canoe type with the elastic might work for you they are easy on and off.

Look into
Danuu. They are resistant to the elements and can stay on when you travel with your boat.


Art Deco?