Kayak cushion or pad for SUP (not a kayak seat) that has 4 attachment straps

My SUP has 3 D rings to attach a seat (2 rings in front, 2 behind the driver). I have this seat.

But what I want is just a cushion like that (it is comfortable) WITHOUT the back part. And it should have D-rings or straps that can attach it on all the 4 D-rings (so it doesn’t fly around, like the seat does that only attaches to 2 D-rings).

I tried just sitting ont he SUP floor. but this is a bt too low, and too wet. sitting on the seat is fien and I don’t need to support my back.

I looked all over, but didn’t find anything. Most cushions for kayaks have no attachment points. I almost could use the seat i have and cout off the back and add some sort of straps. i just don’t think I would do a good job and ruin a perfectly good seat. and just using this seat also doesn’t work. it only attaches on 2 D-rings. So when i carry my SUP, it dangles around and it also doesn’t stay where it is supposed to. Also the back will be in the way when I get up and stand. So I want something just in cushion height that stays exactly where I put it (hence the 4 straps requirement)

Forget the D rings and use strong waterproof Velcro tape instead. You could then affix your choice of pad, including one you make from thin minicell. Or buy a pad designed for use in surf skis.

the problem i have is that i still need to attacht he straps to the pad or cushion. That’s why i wanted one with either straps attached, or some holes or D-rings.

My iSUP already has D-rings. So attaching to the iSUP isn’t the issue here.

I even went to a local store and got some help. but they had nothing that would come close to my needs.

But i found this flotation cushion that I should be able to strap onto my 4 D-rings. Also always good to have another flotation device.

If someone has a better solution, I’m not afraid to return this cushion.

I just bought this one for my canoe.


I thought the camo would show the dirt less. It is a good 3” thick and pretty firm. My planned usage will be to have it along if I need to throw someone a float, it will also fit my seat to give me a boast when fishing or just when my knees need a different angle, I can use it for kneeling the little bit I do, and lastly I want to take a small nephew along sometimes and he will fit well in my cargo area in front of me seated on the PFD. Oh I forgot one more usage taking it out and using it to sit on along the bank for lunch leaning on a shade tree.

I wont be tying mine in but did find that I can use one of my spring clamps wrapping the handle around the thwart behind the seat and clamping it keeps it put and is quick to get it off when I need it.

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I chose the orange/red to add some more visibility to my craft. Too many motor boats here :slight_smile:

But yeah, always good to have more flotation devices, just in case. On the flat iSUP i need to tie it down or otherwise it will fall off when i stand or slide around when i sit. But if i ever need to use it as a throw-device to assist someone, I easily can take it off.

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