Kayak Dallas - Whiterock Creek?

Just getting into the sport and I was wondering if anyone have info on kayaking at whiterock lake in dallas. I know it's done on the main lake - but can one kayak the associated creeks - such as the one that winds up under NW highway towards abrams rd? any help would be appreciated.

Also wondering about locations to launch - anywhere - or particular places?

Thanks in advance -


Paddle up past the Mockingbird Bridge
It is very pretty and scenic on White Rock Creek. There is usually quite a bit of urban trash, especially after heavy rains, but it is still a nice paddle. Paddle as far as you can until you hit blockages. You can also go up the Dixon Branch of White Rock Creek. It’s at the other end of White Rock Lake.

White Rock Creek
Its good to see another Tx. paddler on this site.

Put in on the East side of the lake off East Lawther Drive, just south of Mockingbird. You won’t need a shuttle at normal levels, just paddle upstream and back. If your into hairy whitewater, its supposed to be fun from Beltline Rd. down to Forest Ln. at about 700 cfs, (Steve Daniel in Texas Whitewater.) I often wondered what it would be like to canoe White Rock Creek below the lake. I think there is a day trip report on the upper creek on the “places to paddle” section of this site.

Rowlett Creek in Garland may be another interesting paddle. You can put in at Miller Road and paddle upstream to Firewheel Rd. There is also a nice wetland at the put in. The creek is pretty trashy though. The Elm Fork of the Trinity goes from Ray Roberts lake through Lewisville and Carollton into Dallas.You may want to check it out.

Not too far
I’ve paddled up White Rock Creek many times, especially on really windy days when I just want to have an easy paddle. (is it me or does that lake get some crazy waves for it’s size?) After you go up underneath NW Hwy, you can only go another 30 minutes or so before you have to turn around or portage. If you decide to portage be careful because in most places the banks are straight up about 3 ft or more and not too condusive to dry exits or re-entrys. As others have said it can be trashy.

I usally put in on the East side of the lake right by the first yacht club you come to. I definately recommend the lake over the river.

Enjoy your paddling. Whiterock is a true gem in the middle of a big city.

Up the creek
I also put in White Rock Lake between the two yacht clubs and, depending on the weather and my mood, often paddle up the backwaters of the creek. You will usualy see lots of birds and in the spring many ducklings. How far you can go varies, depending on where the river is blocked and how high the water is on some of the creek branches.

I’ve never tried it, or known anyone that has, but I’ve looked at paddling the lower creek. There are two weirs. One is just north of I-30 on Samuell golf course. It looks pretty easy to carry around. There is a second weir just north of Wahoo or Parkdale Lake (the name varies depending on the map you look at). It’s on TXU property and I have no idea how hard or easy it would be to get around. Finally, from looking at Google Earth, it appears the channel may split and wander around as you approach the Trinity. Since the new Audobon Center is being build down by the confluence of White Rock Creek and the Trinity, it ought to be possible to check it out.

There either is, or maybe was, a group based in Parkdale that promotes the White Rock Heritage District, that included a planned trail from the dam to the Trinity. Here’s a link to a charette that was done about it in 2002:


I don’t know what, if anything, has happened with the project, but the list of participants probably has some names on it that would know. I’ve always meant to follow up on it, but have never got around to it.

Come and Join Us
Please consider joining our group that paddles White Rock every Thursday night. We put in around 6:30 and go out for several hours. During the Summer, we paddled down to the Arboretum and enjoyed the “Cool Thursday” concerts from off shore. Good music, a beautiful sunset, and a few munchies and liquid libations make for a great evening. It is a fun group of very interesting people of all skill levels who love to paddle. Chris D. of Mariner Sails (www.mariner-sails.com) also uses the evening for free demos. Everyone is welcome to join us.

Mariner also is a shoreline adoptee for the For The Love Of The Lake Second Saturday Spruce Ups. They provide yaks free of charge to anyone willing to help with the cleanup. We pick up from the yaks for a couple of hours and then go out and paddle on the lake or up the creek. This is a great way to be able to put a little something back into a place that you really enjoy. For more info go to www.whiterocklake.org.

Hope to see you at WRL!