Kayak death on Long Island Lake

Sad probably no PFD.

Small sheltered lake. Doubt it ever had more than 12" wave if that.

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Here is one in RI from a couple of weeks ago.

This is where he was - inside the Harbor of Refuge, a breakwater protecting the Port of Galilee.


I have paddled there several times in calm water, but wouldn’t want to be out there at night, in rough conditions and without a PFD.


Seems someone underestimates that area every couple of years.

From the Narragansett article: “There have been three boating fatalities in Rhode Island this year and none of the victims were wearing a life jacket.”

This literally breaks my heart. I don’t understand why anyone would board a watercraft without a LJ/PFD.

Last week I was out for a jog and saw two adults and 2 kids get into a small zodiac to go from a dock either out to their boat or across a harbor to another dock. Oh, there was a 5th person driving it!! No PFDs. Ignorance? Carelessness? Cheap? Death wish?

Normally, I’d file accidents under the categories of: in a rush, or failure of imagination that something bad could happen. I don’t know how you can go in the water and not forsee the possibility of getting in trouble. Water always wins.

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When I see kids out with no PFD I tell them they need to wear it under 18. They need it with them after 18. Then I tell them I’m calling the CG. Adults I tell them I swim great and wouldn’t even think of kayaking with our a PDF people drown constantly.

Two young girls in a kayak I spoke to them, then proceeded on only to double back and watch them until they were in the canal.

What kind of parents do they have?

5 houses down guy has party for kids 12-13 years old. Launches them in new kayaks in 40 - 45° water. 300’ wide cabal. Same idiot let’s kids 14, 15 do wheelies on dirt bikes on motorcycles and quads. No helmets, plates, licences, or lights at night on the street. Cops do zero about it.

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I often see people out with kids, and they make the kids wear PFDs but the adults don’t. This leads to reports of the kids surviving when the adult does not. I sometimes tell adults that they should also wear a PFD so they will be better able to help their kids.

I used to have to inform a lot of people on SUPs that they at least needed to have a PFD with them. Not so often now as around the Chesapeake the USCG and other agencies have been aggressively enforcing the PFD requirements for a few years now. $125 for no PFD and another $125 if no whistle or approved sound producing device.