Kayak deck shock cord

Hi, here’s what is probably a stupid question - on my Dagger Blackwater, I had to pull the shock cord off the front deck for use as an emergency tow line - now I can’t get the cord back through the little holes on the deck. The cord really seems larger than the holes, I am sure there is a way they do it at the factory, but I can’t figure it out.

Any suggestions?

Not sure,
I’ve never tried this, but here’s an idea.

Try wraping a thin, strong wire tightly around the end of the shock cord. I’m thinking of tie wire, maybe 18ga.

Then, fish the wire through, pulling the shock cord behind it.

Or maybe melt and end of the shock cord and form it into a cone to pass through, like wetting the end of a thread to pass through the eye of a needle.

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Use hemastats

Depending upon the type…
of shock cord you have, you can pull back the outer cover exposing the core. Snip the core back 1/2" or so and then pull the outer cover back over the end so the excess hangs off the core. Twist the excess outer cover to get a nice tip that will fit through the deck fitting enough to where you can grab it and pull 'er on through. Hemos (or needle nose pliers), will help hold the tip. An extra pair of hands can help stretch the cordage which reduces its diamtre.


After you fix the deck lines…
…buy a tow rig. Bungee is all but worthless for towing as it has no strength. You were lucky that it held up for you. IMO, Northwater makes the best tow rigs on the market.

shrinky dink
I have used tape wrapped REALLY tight to constrict the parts. You can use the shrinking wire conection covers (the ones people use in the car…like on the stereo). I really like the core snipping idea though. I always did it the oposite way, I worked the cover over the core, that way works, but kind of sucks, because it is hard.


The way I did it was to make a loop of shock cord and pull it through wiuth a loop of 20 monofilament. The shock cord is too big but it skwishes (compresses?) under tension and will pull through.