Kayak Dog's

I was reading the message further down the board and I couldn’t help myself.

The obvious problem with this is the space in the cockpit. My boat is a Patriot, by Mainstream, and the cockpit is absurdly big. My 75lb lab mix sometimes rides in the cockpit in front of me. She is a reasonably good passenger but is easily board and will bail if she sees waterfoul she thinks she can get (such is the hazard of a having the bird dog).

In any case I figured I can’t be the only one. Anyone else ever pack a dog in the yak?


I hope to
but will probably have the same issues as you do. therefore I will only take her in alligator free waters…which isn’t much around here!

gators etc.
Yeah, thats a thought. If you read my other post I mention that I’m a recent florida transplant.

Our dog loves to swim and we have had a time finding places for her to do it around here. I find that I can usualy tell when she is thinking about taking off from the boat and I just grab her with my knees and tell her to lay down (she is usually sitting).

Everyone once in a while she bails unexpectedly, more often than not she comes back with a ball (or somthing resembling a ball) she spotted floating in the water. Of course hauling a 70+ pound animal back into the boat is a problem. I’ve never taking her across open water where I wasent sure she could easily swim to shore to jump back in.

How much of an issue (if any) are gators and crocs around kayaks? I can’t imagine they would be at all interested in the boat assuming you don’t do anything treatening. Of course a dog flailing in the water would be another story entirely.

Food for thought anyway.


I paddled Florida during x-mas
for the first time. Gators are fine if you give them room to move. I was told that during mating season and when protecting young they can be more aggressive if cornered or approached too closely. As for the dog…nothing but food. Not a good idea to paddle with a dog in gator-land.

I’m actually a herpetologist but my work has been with snakes, not crocodilians. I’m familiar with the behavior of crocs and gators but acadimicly rather than practical real world experiance.

Anyone here ever been charged? I’m not too worried about small gator (under 6’) but I’ve seen some 10’+ animals in Everglades NP and those would give me some pause in the water.

Thoughts anyone?