Kayak Dolly/Cart

So I built this kayak dolly, it’s the first one (my ‘yak is an Eddyline Fathom – I don’t have scuppers) - http://www.watermanatwork.com/KayakFishing/KayakRigging/KayakCarts/KayakCarts.htm

I found all the parts I needed down to the pneumatic tires but because I couldn’t find 5/8” lock nuts I was forced to buy 8" plastic/nylon tires with the ½” holes, 1/2 inch threaded rod and 1/2" lock nuts instead. I got everything connected together but I didn’t glue it yet because I wanted to see if it would work. Also, I haven’t installed the second set of straps that went around the PVC pipes – the only straps installed are the ones that are going through the slits on the sides. I also have the insulated foam installed to keep my yak from slipping. So I take it out to the lake yesterday and I notice the following:

  • since the parking lot is rocky (little pebbles / crushed limestone) and uneven – the carts’ wheels have difficulty navigating through the landscape
  • if I pull on the kayak – slippage is a huge problem but if I push it – where the cart is infront rather than behind it works a little bit better but there is still some slippage

    My question to you smart paddling folks: what would you do to change it to make it better? Other than the obvious – maybe try and get pneumatic tires with ½” holes in them, glue it together, put the second set of straps on etc… what else could I do to make it better without adding anymore weight to it? I already know that I wont be able to pack/fold this thing because it wouldn’t fit in my hatch anyway.

    I would appreciate any constructive advice.



Looks good! I just recently found Schedule 80 PVC. Great stuff, very strong. Be careful with the scupper hole dolly’s. SOT scupper holes can have problems if they’re torqued on like you might with a Dolly.