Kayak drain plug installation?

-- Last Updated: Jun-22-07 7:41 PM EST --

Is it safer to install a drain plug on a rec kayak? If so, how do you install it? And, where do you install it?

I recently
installed a Harmony drain plug kit in my Tsunami 120. It was very easy to do. Required drilling a 1" hole and two 3/8"(?) holes. Used the drain plug plate that attached to the boat as a template to mark the 3 holes, drilled the 1" center hole first, then put the plate in place, to verify placement of the screw holes on either side, then drilled them. Two rubber wellnuts screw to the plate, then pop through the holes in the yak, coat the wellnuts and the back of plate with silicone sealant, install the whole thing in the boat, then tighten the screws and wipe away the excess sealant. You have to install it on a mostly flat spot because you won’t get a good seal otherwise, the plate doesn’t flex much. Also have to choose good placement to make draining efficient, otherwise no point in installing it. Mine is behind the seat, on top of the deck, about 3" in front of my rear bulkhead.

Most important part is being VERY SURE of where you are drilling your holes! Especially if you are installing it anywhere near a bulkhead.

Mine works great, much easier to drain my boat now after cleaning it out. I’m sure if I swamped it the plug would also be useful, but I’ve been lucky enough to avoid that so far.

Ordered my kit for $10 from www.kayakoutfitting.com.

Good luck…

I installed two Harmony ones
on two 9’-5 " rec boats.

Where to install it depends on your boat.

I installed them on the top rear deck just in front of the floatation.