Kayak Drain Plug? Where? Why?

Okay, I have one of these handy dandy kayak drain plugs for my plastic yak, but have not installed it. Wouldn’t even know where on the body of the yak to put it. Does anyone have any tips on the whys, hows, and wheres of installing and using a drain plug? Thanks, pnet gang.


Be sure to put it right in the bottom
of the hull in the middle of the boat.

That way it will give your boat a belly button and you can use the little tab on the plug as a micro-skeg.

Check University of Kayaking Videos on instructions on how to do this.

Okay, I cut the hole right in the middle
of the bottom – I don;t know about theminskeg part, but at least this is where the water tends to accumulate and it does not interfere with my watertight bulkheads. I tried to fit the plug, and found the hole a tad too large (I guess I should have compared the drill bit to the plug first). Anyhow, the entire thing – the plug and the border around it where the screws go – shoves through the hole and into the cockpit of my sea kayak. Now what?

Did Renata tell you to do this?

O.K. to put @ lowest spot inside a Sea
Kayak … but outside the hull cut an approximate 1/4" round ‘wedge’ from an old shaft or something and bond it to the hull with the scoop facing aft over the drain plug. While underway unscrew the plug and watch the water get sucked out so fast and hard you will hear slurping. Replace plug when dry.

Wow, I’ll share great ideas with Renata
NOw that I have botched my sea kayak and have a thumb sized hole in trhe middle of the floor, basically right between my legs (but I was shrewd enough to make sure I did not come up under my seat with it… now that would make for a wet ride). The metal $54 thingie looks good, but perhaps I can just do as onnopaddler says and maybe I can use a piece of PVC pipe with 90 degree elbow joint and face opening aft. I like the swooshing sound idea, sort of like the sump pump in my basement on a rainy day. I am a little afraid to cut the hole bigger to accpet the 1.5 inch PVC, but since I’m into it this far, what the heck. Sounds like a winner (and to think, until I posted this I was one of those bilge pumping fools. This sounds like magic if I just get my boat set up right).

I’ll tell ya sonny, you got trouble…
but I can fix it fer ya, it’ll just take money…(Roll ten 100.00 bills up nice and tight and stick them in the hole as a plug…works for me!

If this was a real question and not
a pathetic troll, mount it on the deck where water accumulates when you hose it out and turn it upside down.Beats sponging the water out.

Whoa whoa… having fun in this thread
I have a plastic sea kayak with a gaping hole in the floor / hull and you guys are saying now I should have put the hole in the deck? Is that what I’m reading? I am having trouble comprehending what I am reading here. I already bought the PVC pipe joint and rasped the hole to the 1.5 inches (By the way, onnopaddler, I understand that the water will suck out when I paddle forward, but won;t the boat flood – and even perhaps pop the cork plug right out of the hole due to force-- if I paddle in reverse?)

It’s a good thing you are not a surgeon.

PVC scupper
Install a bulkhead fitting, like used for draining liquid tanks, in the hole in the bottom. Thread a piece of Schedule 80 PVC pipe in the hole long enough to be just higher than waterline. Put a funnel in the pipe and bail away. Also, keep a 5’ extension pipe and coupling in the paddle holder. Even if the boat sinks 3’ there will still be 2’ of pipe above water that you can dump the bailer in.


A good idea.
Isn’t there some sort of ball-cock valve I could use on that schedule 80. I would rather not take my hands off the paddele in high seas just to unplug the PVC, I’d likely end up swimming.

You could glue
a check valve in and not have to open anything. However, doing so would loose the high seas nose wash feature. Then you would have to fumble around for a tissue if needed.


May not qualify for a Darwin, but
You are in the top running for a Vonage commercial. Should not be all that hard to fix.

now I have that tune running through my head with a pic of cooldoctor merrily drilling through his plastic boat