Kayak erg from a Nortictrack?

I heard about converting a nortictrack to a kayak erg, and found one locally for $5.
I find two people selling plans; are either any good?
Is info for free available anywhere?

I havent used one, but considering their cheap cost relative to most ergs, they get good reviews. The one i reference below can be built for ~$100.

You can see several videos of one in action here

He’s also selling the plans for like $10.

I don’t recall where, but I found some free instructions online a few years ago. I actually have a couple of Nordic Tracks that I got for free for this purpose, but I never got around to building one. If you’re anywhere southern NH, I’ll give you one of them.

I bought plans for one several years ago and converted a Track into one adding in some sailing blocks and using perimeter line as upgrades. Creation worked extreme well and was very smooth. Erging indoors provided me the motivation to suit up and go paddle for real. I’m just not an indoor gym person.

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I built one this year and it works great. Bought plans from a DavetheKayaker after seeing his youtube video.

Another +1 for Davethekayaker’s plans. I built mine this spring and it works great. Worth every penny of $10.