kayak erg from old nordic track

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Full manual on how to convert a used nordic track ski machine to a fully functional kayak erg

The erg works great and is just as fluid and water like as any commercial unit.


Is that you Bryan?

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Hey Bryan, Is that you? I havent seen you posting on p.net before.

Anyways I keep meaning to try to convert one myself. I'd have bought one of yours already but you're 1000 miles from me =(

How is the feel compared to a commercially produced erg? Not that you can argue with whatever; yours is 90% cheaper than most others.

Compared to Speedstroke?
I have toyed with doing this in the past. It looks like a fun project and there’s some interesting videos on YouTube.

Per the other post, I’m curious how you would compare the performance to a top-quality erg such as the Speedstroke (that has a very smooth catch and a fan to provide resistance)? I have a Speedstroke for personal use, and love it, but don’t care to risk damage/loss by hauling it to events where I teach. I have considered modifying my old Nordictrack for this purpose.

I haven’t yet been able to get an answer on this as it seems that most people who go the Nordictrack route do so to avoid the expense of a commercial unit, so I’d like to hear from someone who has used this, and something like a Speedstroke. I have tried some rowing machine kayak erg conversions and didn’t find them very realistic at all.


Greg Stamer

just as good as comercial unit
Yep this is Bryan

These work just as good as the comercial units. You do need to tune it…via the tension on the bungie and rope length due to variances in everyones build. But just a little effort and it will floor how water like the stroke is. And if you can score a cheap (or often free) nordic track…how can you go wrong :slight_smile:

dope slap
Wish I had seen this before taking Nordic Trak to recycling center.

Last year

Don’t know if it was Bryan that posted
this years ago, but I made one from my NordicTrac after someone posted a similar suggestion years ago and it works very well.