Kayak Erg - Help

I recently purchased a Speedstroke Gym kayak ergometer. The Speedstroke Gym uses an adjustable shaft which has a locking mechanism similar to the ones used on the Epic paddles.

I’m having trouble tightening the adjustable shaft so that it will stay locked when I’m using it. It doesn’t seem to hold onto the inner shaft tight enough from moving but yet it’s very difficult to remove the collar mechanism when trying to loosen it completely.

Has anyone had any experience with this particular typpe of adjustable shaft or the Epic Length-locks? Any help would be appreciated.


Did you call KayakPro?
I’d call them-up as it does not seem normal to need too much force at all. There should not be much need to have the pieces together too tight to begin with - there are no blades to apply any twisting action…

Have not used the ergometer myself, but the Epic paddles I’ve used are easy to lock/unlock and do not require much force at all to lock them down pretty good and about the same amount to unlock. New to pretty new paddles. Not sure how they do over time…

tightening paddle lock?

I think you can get special sticky wax for this. Gray of KayakPro

should be able to answer.

Thanks for the suggestions…
I’m planning to give Kayakpro a call this week.