Kayak Erg Recommendations

I’m considering purchasing a Kayak Erg and it seems that there are three choices… the KayakPro Speedstroke, the Vasa Kayak Erg, and the Paddle One Erg. All of the reviews on this site seem positive for either the KayakPro or the Vasa. I’m wondering if anyone has any experiences or thoughts that might help with my decision. Do certain considerations tip the scales in one direction or the other?

I bought it used 4 years ago and it is good. Under the seat I bolted a lay susan swivel from hardware store. Rotating seat is excellent for technique. Also added 12 in fan in front of computer for coolness in my face. I know nothing about other machines.

my opinion
I owned a Paddleone and if I were buying again, I’d get a Speedstroke or similar style. Even the kayaksport.net erg looks better. The Paddleone is not really long enough, the heavy, solid flywheel with friction strap doesn’t give as good a feel as a fan style flywheel, and the cables seemed to have too much friction, breaking often. It did help me to train for a 70 miler once, but I wouldn’t recommend it over the other style ergs.

I’ve never used a Vasa.

I have a vasa
and have used the new speedpro for a very short session. I felt like the speedpro was better for form and much more like a true kayak stroke than my Vasa. I do really like the vasa because the effort was harder. It’s like kayaking upstream the whole time. The distance doesn’t take into account glide so you’r going alot less distance so that’s kind of a mental bummer. I personaly like the vasa, but for kayaking specific workouts I don’t think you can beat the speed pro especially if you get the newest one so you can hook up threw the internet and race people around the world. What better workout could you get indoors?? Good luck. Chaz