Kayak ERGing..

Just curious…

Since I CREW and hence use a Rowing ERG, I had wondered if there were such things as Kayaking ERGs, since I also kayak, it would be nice to have the ability to practice at Kayaking technique even while Winter or foul weather reigned.

And lo! I spotted an Ad for KayakPro.com, which boosts of all things a Kayak ERG(Speedstroke ergometer), right here on paddling.net.

Soooo, has anyone ever seen or used a Kayak ERG?

If so, what do you think of it?

Yes! I have been using it for more
than a year now. Great Machine…

Also, Gray at KayakPro a great guy to deal with.



i tried one
it was cool. felt fairly natural paddling, although not exactly like being in a boat. it was amusing seeing the grimace of pain on my face in the mirror as i tried to hold 10mph plus (not too long…).

i’ve thought a lot about getting one. i use a concept II 4 or 5 days/ week, about 50km total at a pretty brisk pace, and i guess my thinking at this point is that the cross training is good for me, and avoids overuse injuries. i’ve noted a lot of benefit from using the rowing erg- how much better it would be from only using the kayak erg i can’t say.

there are a few other choices, btw- a canadian company paddleone makes a kayak and a canoe erg, for about 400 dollars less than kayakpro. you can also get an add on for the c2, for vermontwaterways. rather overpriced at about 800 dollars, compared to about 300 for the canoe attachment. there’s also a danish kayak erg for about 3 grand.

have fun,