Kayak Ergometer Solution

I recently posted questions about kayak training machines. Speedstroke…K1 Ergo…Etc. were all too expensive for me. I’ve come up w/ a pretty good solution you may also like to pursue.

I was given a Nordic Track Pro cross country ski trainer. With a few modifications to its configuration…I’ve got one heck of a kayak machine! No lie…adjustable resistence and all. Ergonomics of movement is really pretty nice too!! Email me if you care to hear more.

Happy training…

NIce share more
Give us your thoughts and creation. I have thought about modifying a nordic track or my Cateye bicycle trainer too.



pics are nice too.

Concept II see thread
My Concept II rower thread, subject, has a reply that gives a home version of rower using chairback. Has a picture. It is about the tenth reply down on that still available advice link. A used (ie cheap) Concept 2 might be your best bet for stamina, strength, etc even though no kayak specific.

Six inquiries so far…
I know this was a desperate attempt to stay in paddling shape, but this was worth the effort and money savings.

I really thought that there MUST be some way to get the same kind of workout that the expensive devices offer…without spending all that cash! My sister had a Nordic track stored in her basement for several years and was more than happy to get rid of it. Here’s what I did.

Basically, I took off the abdominal pad (and its bar) from the center assembly. I also then removed the entire forward arm pulley assembly (with cord, hand grips, tensioned wheel and support bar) and reattached them in the opposite directions. I was able to lower the whole upper, sliding assembly by removing one screw along the vertical center post, to the height of a suitable bench seat. I removed the hand grips from the pulley lines and added simple corded extensions. I have a spare Lendal paddle shaft that, conveniently, has holes at the ends to which I attached the extended cordage using a figure-8 follow through knot.

I sit on the bench, put my feet on the abdominal pad and set the tension to the desired level on the forward pulley. Perfect?..probably not…but a damn good alternative. Lemme know what you think. Pictures available upon request.

Anyone else try this?
I know this is an old post… but I would love to hear more about it!

The Nordic Tracks in my area are being sold for around 20 bucks… I would love to pick up a used one and convert it over… but I am a little lost in the description given. Anyone have any pics?

Seems to me that this is a great alternative, and an incredible idea!

Thanks Grimloc for the post… Can you dig up some pics? I’d love to see the concept!


Happy Paddling…


I know this is an old thread, but if you do a Google search for DIY kayak ergometer there are several different versions/plans from different people now available.

While not cheap or DIY, my seven year old Speedstroke I still consider among my best all-time purchases. I use it frequently. I’d get another without hesitation. Last year I added a CatchForce to my arsenal of toys – not as versatile as the Speedstroke but very useful as a kayak specific strengthening platform.