kayak exiting

Does anyone know of a video that shows people getting out of their kayaks? I seem to have a lot of difficulty in this particular area of kayaking. I can get in okay, sort of, but getting out is way hard. I know part of it is my being overweight (I’m working on that part) but I’d like to actually see people doing it to get an idea of what to try. Thanks!


BTW - I took the carolina out again today and no grinding noise. Must have been the bottle after all.


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All depends on what sort of put-out you are at. If the ground is sand, etc. It's easy as pie. I just paddle as hard as possible and glide the kayak up the bank bow first. Climb out and get the feet a little wet.

If the shore is rocky, I'll pull alongside the shore just off the bank, use the paddle as a brace (behind me) and get the foot closest to the bank out first. I then lift myself out of the cockpit with both arms, one on the paddle/boat the other on the side of the kayak on the coming. I'm 5'11 and 230, so I'm easily overweight. I usually wear a pear of wetsocks + aquashoes so I don't mind the feet getting wet regardless of water temperature.

Oh ya, I also have a Carolina (14.5) so we should have similar cockpits.

There are several DVDs out that include some type of entry/exit on it. However, a great article was just on this site under the Weekly Articles of Features. Here’s the link: http://www.paddling.net/sameboat/archives/sameboat392.html

Any day on the water is a great day,


Depends on your build
If you are overweight with short legs it can be a battle. Learn to sit and lean on the paddle.

kayak exiting
I’m 5’8" - long legs and short body which makes my middle section the heaviest part. I think that is why I am having so much trouble. I nearly did the splits yesterday trying to get out. I had one leg out and was trying to get up and out and with the other leg still in the boat, it started drifting away! I managed to coax it back with the leg that was still in (thank goodness for the long legs!) and did eventually get out without falling on my face. I don’t mind getting my feet wet or even up to my knees if I have to but the way I am going, I am likely to splat myself full body into the water! There has to be a better way! This was the first time I had gone out solo so no one to help me like before. I thought if I could see someone else getting out it would help me see what I am doing wrong.

both legs
Try swinging one leg over each side of the yak, while remaining seated. Then lean forward and balance yourself with your hands holding on the yak. Straighten your legs. Once you’re standing, either shove the yak forward, or walk over it, or swing a leg over.

Or just practice a wet exit and walk to shore.


Two Ways… See Which Works Best
One way is:

leg out.

leg out.

butt up to rear deck.

stand up.

you can use your hands as best you can… pulling on the coaming or pushing down on the back deck.

Another way is:

hands push down on the coaming.

hoist butt up to back deck.

leg out.

leg out.

stand up using hands forward (pulling on coaming) or back (pushing on back deck)

my way…
…hands push down on the coaming.

hoist butt up to back deck.

leg out.

leg out

back flip out

No way out
Any method that requires arm strength to push your body up is not going to work for the overweight body.

Here is a way that works. Lean back on the coaming as flat as possible. Wiggle and push up with your legs until your butt is up on the coaming. One leg out and another leg out on the same side. Turn your body until you can keel down on the sandy bottom.

Roll over–slide out of kayak–stand up

Just who the heck…
…are you calling overweight.

Sir, I will have you know that these are NOT love handles. I will have you know they are


I deman either an apology or satisfaction.

kayak exiting
Thanks for all the tips! I will give them a try and see what happens. I appreciate all the responses.


Let gravity do the work!

you might try pushing yourself back on to the rear combing. hold the paddle under you keeping your boat as centred as you can favouring the paddel slightly. ( same as getting in )

Carefully pull your legs out and straddle the boat. Stand up keeping the paddle, dismount the boat and pull it ashore.

if the water is warm you can also just fall out and pick upo the peices. when i was pregnant and being oh so carefull that is what i often did.