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Just moved to Daniel Island - moderately experienced kayaker from New England…we have our own equipment and don’t necessarily want a tour. Would like to explore the ocean inlets and similar areas - don’t really want to “ocean” kayak…Heard there were some areas near Folly Beach - would appreciate suggestions please! Thanks, Deb

Where are you? I don’t know those names to have a clue even what state or country you are in?

Go see Scott or Bill
At Sea Kayak Carolina. They also sponsor a meetup group and Low Country Paddlers.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY



Assuming you mean Folly Beach in SC
Make sure you visit the East Coast Kayak Festival at James Island County Park April 17-19. My parents retired to Folly so I’ve visited many times. I’ve done casual sea kayaking in borrowed boats. Once you get a good set of charts and compass, there are thousands of channels to explore. You need to pay attention to tides so you don’t get stuck in Pluff mud (which is either described as absolutely vile or the smell of the Lowcountry).

well well
I’m Daniels and tried Sea Kayaking Georgia’s Neap seminar off Tybee but was harassed/attacked and then thrown out for not contributing enough money into the general fund.

Bank of America, with whom I have contacts, cancelled my cards.

In SC where I was involved with continuing research with the boat tail grackles on the birds northern range, I’m the expert founding my very own branch of seismology in the process for the song bird state also was throwing me out with gangs of thugs following me around 24 hrs.

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The late Vladimir Vanha of Noah kayaks
was a rather obviously bipolar genius, but was full of stories of how NC police were persecuting him.

Eventually, after problems getting his wonderful designs made in poly, he returned to Czechoslovakia. He was a great guy, sold me a wonderful boat for $100 (demo), but I don’t think he ever discovered lithium.

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Seismology of songbirds my fave
Honestly, if anyone is seeing song birds large enough to cause an earthquake, it has to be a pretty scary world out there Just think of how big your house cat looks! Fluffy the biggest Trex ever found.


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where the trees are mainly green…

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No, this is my last resting place. I wux trying to glean from West Coast Paddlers.

You know Weyerhauser-Mussolini threw me out as I learned Orca.

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Coastal SC back on topic

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I live west of Columbia and paddle at the coast when not canoeing rivers, swamps or kayaking lakes in the state. Lots of good paddling I just got back Sunday from 3 days camping on a beach and sea kayaking the area.

Take Marshall's advice and get in touch with Sea kayak Carolina and join the sea kayak Charleston meetup group. The meetup group is very active and have regular free paddles weekly. In the upstate check out the sea kayakers of Greenville meetup group. there are also other groups of low country paddlers.

Fort Sumter and the Harbor, Morris Island inlet with the abandoned light house in the Ocean, the Stono River, surfing your kayak on Folly Beach all in that area. While further north you have the bone yard of ocean side trees on Bull Island and Capers Island with camping by permit on the beach at Capers. South you have Edisto Island and the ACE basin.

You will want a GPS and perhaps someone with you who knows Sparkelberry Swamp. A great place south of Sumter. Lake Jocassee in the upstate is a jewel. Lots of new paddling experiences to be found here.