Kayak Fish cooler

I was watching a video of some open ocean kayak fishermen and was fascinated by the in hull coolers they used on their sit on top kayaks. Anyone have any experience with these, how long does the ice last? it is worth it? any reviews (positive or negative on the products which are out there??? Thanks

Most offshore SOT kayakers are only out for three to four hours. So most coolers will work for that period of time. I am not a Yeti shrill, nor do I own one. However, my F-I-L has one and I saw it keep a cooler full of beer and ice, still have the ice after two days in the middle of summer in the middle of nowhere AR. My Coleman, melted the ice before the end of day 1. So take that as you will…

By the by, I use a thermal(read foil bag) from the dollar tree, and 2 or 3 frozen H2O bottles in the bag. I have never had a catch go bad. However, I rarely will be out in the open water for more than a few hours.

River fishing, I do the same thing. However, I rarely keep what I catch from the river. They are more for fun, than for eating.

Make some harnesses for the fish, train them to pull, then sit back and drink the beer from your cooler while they tow you home.

All tongue in cheek, of course. Drinking and boating/paddling are definitely not a good idea.

Yeah, here in FL, I once heard a stringer full of fish attached to a Jon Boat called a ‘Gator Ski Ride waiting to happen’. I bet, that, is easier applied towards kayaks than Jon Boats.

Hanging fish off your paddlecraft on a stringer is just “trolling for predators”. Gators, snapping turtles, northern pike, barracuda, and sharks will love you for it.

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I’m currently looking for a good soft cooler myself to serve as my fish cooler. I’m mostly going to be inshore fishing for Redfish and Trout so just need something that will hold 27" fish and smaller. The hard part with the soft coolers is finding them long vs short & high.