Kayak Fishing as you paddle along

I went to Cabelas in Hamburg, PA. to see what was already made.

I found a fishing “Rod Holder Bag” made for the Apex seats by C.O.D. Paddlesports.com

Granted a kayak seat is not an Apex brand seat. But If you have any “yankee ingenuity” you can use webbing and clips to temp. attach it to the back of your kayak seat. Each tube has a velcro strap that you can put around the fishing road to snug it into the tube. Each pvc tube is 8" long( there are 2 tubes with a zippered compartment in the middle. Carry two rods or 1 rod with a fishing net - your choice! I paid $15.00 for the bag, but have seen on the internet for $10 - 20 dollar range.

This way you can set the rod to fish as you troll slowly. Both hands are still on the paddle, but your still fishing!

Happy Fishing!

We don’t respond to trolling here.

even though I don’t kayak …
… I can see a fantastic potential for that kind of thing … I’m thinkin in the right waters , with the right outfit and live bait rigging (8"-12" Creek Chub) , ol Mr. razor tooth (Muskie) will sooner or later try to rip your rod out of the boat !!