Kayak fishing for the 1st time. advice?

My wife and I purchased a couple of Sit in Kayaks from costco (equinox 10.4). We want to try fishing out of them here at the lake we live on. I do not really want to be drilling holes in our boats to attach things to them. When fishing would it be beneficial if we had anchors for the kayaks? If so, what kind? If trolling would we be able to just wedge the pole in the rear hatch so we could avoid putting pole holders on our boats? One more thing I am trying to figure out is, when we do catch a fish what should we do so that we can continue fishing and still get the fish home?

Kayak Fishing
One of the first things I would do is look over the Kayak Fishing section on this site there are a lot of good articles there to help you get started. An anchor is almost a must when you are trying to keep your yak positioned over an area where you are getting bites especially if the wind is blowing. I also would suggest you look into getting a clamp on fishing rod holder. If you are trolling with a sit in kayak and the pole is wedged behind you you will miss a lot of fish while you are trying to reach your pole. If you have a SOT that will not be as big of an issue for you. They also have insulated fish bags available to store your catch. The other question to consider is are you saltwater fishing or fresh water fishing that will make a difference in how you equip your vessel. Good luck out there!

I would definately suggest that you get an anchor, I have found it worh it because it helps you stay in an area. Get a folding anchor if you can, I have a 3 pound and it works very well, but you can get away with 1.5 I think. It seems like getting a small hand paddle might be worth it too, because sometimes I want to just move a litte ways, and I don’t want to pull out my huge paddle, however I don’t have a hand paddle yet. I don’t have a pole holder yet, but I think I might put one on because my pole is in the way when I get in and out. As far as keeping the fish someone told me to put them on a stringer, but I have only bass fished so far and I just catch and release.

If the water is less than 5’ deep you could use a stake out stick and then attach it to your kayak with a carbiner. If your in deeper water than a anchor would be helpful. I have both on my kayak but overall prefer a little shallower and using the stake out stick.

Madfroggear.com carries some different products that you can attach to your kayak that allows you to bolt stuff on to it but the platform don’t permanently attach to your kayak. You can put rod holder on and so on but yet is all removable.

Something like this from Mad Frog http://www.madfroggear.com/lillypad.html

After I catch a fish I just throw them back as I don’ keep anything so I catch and release. After that I just keep on fishing.

Here goes…
Anchor - Yes, and/or stake out pole. Depending on the depth and current you plan to fish.

Mounting to the Kayak. Trust me, drilling holes in the deck, and mounting a rod holder will not harm the yak, and will be invaluable. I know, lost a travelling kayak rod and reel in Alaska last year because I didn’t have one, and set the rod down for a moment… Long enough for a Coho to hit the lure and swim off with my expensive equipment… Luckily I had access to a rod to borrow from the guide, else I would have ended that aspect of my fishing trip on the second day, and been forced to fish shallow with a fly rod the remainder of the trip…

Where to put the fish. Collapsible soft sided cooler. Take out the hard plastic insert, and it collapses until needed, and can be stowed in a variety of locations in the cock pit, or strapped to the deck. Have the Blue Ice cubes in it to keep the fish cold. Then, when you catch a fish you are going to keep, clean it immedaitely, or at least bleed it )By cutting the gills out) before putting it in the cooler on the blue ice. Then your fish will be super fresh.


Some comments
I like the comments above. That said, my suggestion to you would be to paddle without thinking of fishing a few times to get a feel for the boat. Then take along a rod and some minimal tackle without making any modifications to your boat and get a feel for where you put your elbows and feet and knees and what you do with your paddle while casting and retrieving - pay attention to these things. Then begin to modify. You’ll want to, whether you do now or not. And besides, holes above the waterline are not a problem. Drill only just large enough to fit a bolt through and don’t have real long bolts leftover to scratch yourself on. And if you are installing something that has multiple holes (like a Scotty rod mount, which you will definitely want if you troll more than a few times), then drill one hole at a time. Do not mark all four and drill all four. Drill one hole, put in the bolt loosely. Drill the next hole, etc. It’s much slower, but ignore the advice once and you’ll learn how I learned to do as I suggest.

Now, low tech approach is good. A one handed paddle stroke is nearly as useful as an anchor and doesn’t require holes. You can jam the rod butt under your crotch as you paddle for trolling and BELIEVE ME you WILL feel a strike.

Have fun. Stay safe. Tight lines.

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Hand paddle -
I have heard of people using webbed gloves from NRS for a high tech expensive solution, and also people using a ping pong paddle for a low tech inexpensive solution. I haven’t personally tried either, but the ping pong paddle is something I look for at yard sales and such.

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