Kayak Fishing Gloves

Needing to pick up some paddling gloves for winter use in my fishing kayak but still be able to manipulate knots and lures etc. 3/4 finger or slit and peel back? Wondering about some specific brands folks have had success with?

If you have a Bass Pro near, I use

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their generic brand of I believe they are neoprene fishing gloves. They are black with slits on the first knuckle of your index finger and thumb. They can be peeled back and have velcro to secure. They also have a velcro tightening system arond your wrist so you can adjust on the outside of a coat if need be. I looked for a link online, but can't find them- they are in the fishing section of my local store.

They are not waterproof, but when they get wet, my hands actually get warmer. Best part- only $9.99 and have had mine for 3 years.

Don't know if this helps but here are 2 attempts to show you what they look like-



bass pro or walmart
has those generic brands pictured above. Ive used both and have been very pleased.

the ones i picked up in walmart were just hanging in the fishing section. Those worked so well at keeping my hands warm paddling, and were so comfortable that I even used them riding my motorcycles in the winter. the neoprene blocks the wind well and is thin enough to be comfortable and non restrictive. and thats talking winter time paddling, and 70mph riding in january :slight_smile:

I have been using a pair of cold weather runners gloves and they work out fine.

Glacier makes some with finger slits
I think they even have prebent fingers. Intended specifically for fishing. Just saw them advertised on sale in a Sierra Trading Post catalog (they’re online, too).

gloves and little things …
… don’t go well together .

Like tying on a lure , lighting a match , holding small screws and nails , etc. … too much fumble , too uncoordinated .

Don’t think you’ll find “any” glove that can provide warmth in cold weather that will allow the nimble agility required to do such intricate finger movements .

Just take the glove off for a minute , do the thing and put glove back on .

Most gloves will allow you to cast with them on , hold the rod etc. , so go ahead and get a puffy glove that keeps your hands warm better . It’s never a problem holding larger things like paddles , hammers etc.