Kayak Fishing in "Sea Kayaker" Magazine

Paddlers interested in fishing from sea kayaks might want to check out the April 2006 issue of “Sea Kayaker” magazine, on newsstands now. The main theme this month is Kayak Fishing, with several articles and product reviews oriented toward that.


Nice try…
Glad to see that SK is beginning to recognize the growth of kayakfishing, but this issue offers little. It’s a start, though…

I don’t know

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it does offer little to those that use SOT's to fish from. I tour and fish so the article was good advice for people like me that fish from a SIK and have little room for all the stuff you can bring along in an SOT or a canoe. Plus, you are dealing with tippier boats and the problems of fighting fish from such boats. This I think they addressed well. Sea Kayaker magazine is probably not the best place to discuss fishing as it is a magazine mostly targeted to touring paddlers. However, alot of my friends that go along on trips with me would also like to fish just to catch dinner on camping trips. The article targeted those paddlers well.