Kayak fishing in Texas

Hey, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on kayak fishing on the Texas Gulf coast. I’m pretty new to it, and i live in Alvin. Anyone know of some calm saltwater lakes near there that are good for fishing? any advice on lures/bait would be greatly appreciated as well. thanks, Joseph.

Some spots near you include
Chocolate Bayou and the first part of Chocolate Bay. There are put-ins on the bayou at Liverpool and Amsterdam and another right where the bayou goes into the bay at the FM 2004 bridge over the bayou.

A little farther south you can put in on Bastrop Bayou at Hoskins Mounds where Hoskins Mound Rd (CR 227) crosses the bayou. Some neat oxbows were created when they dregded the bayou straight. They are not real closed oxbows but are kind of loops that leave the dredged channel and rejoin it later. It is kind of a long paddle, but I have gone all the way to Bastrop Bay from there.

If you are willing to drive even farther south then Cedar Lakes and Jones Lake south of Freeport are great fishing areas. You can put in at the Brazos River at Freeport and paddle south down the intracoastal to Jones Lake. It is about 7 miles one way to get to Cedar Lakes so I ususally made the drive to the boat ramp at the end of FM 2918. Take 2004 south out of Lake Jackson. It turns into FM 2611 and then FM 2918 splits off FM 2611 near the San Bernard Wildlife Refuge.

I love the area between Christmas Bay and San Louis Pass. However you have to access it from the Bluewater Highway along the Gulf side and from Alvin you would have to drive down to Surfside and then back up the coast or drive onto Galveston and then south across the bridge over San Louis Pass. That is a long drive, but it is a great area for kayak fishing. Just don’t venture out into San Louis Pass anywhere near the bridge. Current gets fast and on the Gulf side of the bridge current against wind produces some really rough water.

Hope you find a spot you like.


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