Kayak fishing near Naples,Fl

I live on the east coast of Florida, and was planning a fishing trip somewhere near naples, Fl. I will be crossing Alligator Alley and wanted to know if anyone has any info on kayak launches and good areas to fish. It’s my first time on the west coast of Florida for a fishing trip and wanted to try my luck at catching Redfish, snook,trout, or possible even sheepshead. I appreciate any input any member has. Thanks!

Naples launch & fish
Go North on Vanderbuilt Drive (and Immokalee Rd). Keep going north until the you see a bridge. Just before you get on the bridge, you’ll see on the right hand side a dirt parking area. This is a free launch & parking. You can either fish in the mangroves or continue to Wiggin’s Pass.

I was down for 3 weeks this Christmas from Canada and did kayak fishing there with another buddy.

Great fishing all around. Really nice area to paddle.

We used shrimp that was purchased at a lure shop at the marina just over the bridge at the launch area.

Wish I was back there! Winter sucks in Canada.

adventure !
and parking.





use Google Earth for coordinates if there’s a GPs

type place names…Islands… beaches into Google Images to give an idea of what.

I see fish there. Fishing one Island off the channel during slack behind an incoming tide…?

The road to Marco above Goodland is another possibility with a bridge and channel between.

I’d recommend Caxambas park or Paddlecraft park.


Both are great kayak friendly parks.