Kayak Fishing Tournaments

I saw the article written by Jerry White from Emotion Kayaks regarding the Gulf and East Coast Tournament scene. One of these days I’m going to have to make a road trip to fish a few of those tournaments.

There’s been a fairly active kayak fishing tournament scene on the West Coast as well, some tournaments running almost 10 years now. Jerry Esten’s Kayak Fishing Derby in Redondo Beach, CA, San Diego Sailing Center, Plastic Navy Bass Tournaments around San Diego, La Jolla Kayak Fishing Offshore Tournaments and the Kayak Sportfishing tournament series in Dana Point, CA as well as several organized jackpot style events popping around some of the coastal harbors. (My affiliation) I should mention that I produce and direct the Annual Kayak Sportfishing tournaments.

Like Jerry says in the Paddling.net article, just enter “kayak fishing tournaments” into a search engine and see what comes up. Some might not be in your backyard but that doesn’t mean you can’t participate. A lot of these events if not all welcome kayak anglers coming in from out of town/state. I’ve found that it’s easier for me to bring the family for a few days than it is for me to take off alone for 1 or 2. It’s always a bonus if the tournament is in or around a vacation destination. It’s also good diplomacy…next thing you’ll know the wife will be asking you when the next tournament is?

Btw, I’m not sure if this is P/C but did anyone see the large kayak fishing supplement in the recent issue of Paddler? They had a very large spread dedicated to kayak fishing. Many of the higher profile tournaments were mentioned.


The premier kayak fishing web site
for Texas and its Gulf Coast is:


If you don’t see a tournament listed, post a question about them and you’ll get a reply. Friendly bunch of folk and a lot of good info.

fishing site
pretty new and pretty nice site for here in North Florida


Yes, that was a good article … :slight_smile:
Once that article got published and distributed, I got tons of e-mails about tournaments held all over the country - I enjoyed every one of them. It just goes to show how popular this sport is becoming.

Kayak Fishing Tournament

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Hope it is ok to post this.

This is a catch and release event to benefit the Coastal Conservation Association.


I wrote a short article about competing in tournaments- Scroll to bottom of page

I am happy to help anyone with travel and hotel arrangements as well as steer P-Net members to areas to pre-fish. Please shoot me an e-mail at Chrystal@Onshoreoffshore.com

Gotta go …
This is definitely one you don’t want to miss.

OBO NMT Update
Osprey Bay Outdoors No Motor Tournament UPDATE! Sponsors donating prizes this year include:

Ocean Kayak

Old Town Canoes & Kayaks

Necky Kayaks

Hurricane Kayaks

Carlisle Paddles

Extra Sport PFD’s

Temple Fork Outfitters

Casey Key Outfitters

Costa Del Mar

Bending Branches

Berkely Gulp


Mission Fishin’ Jigs

Fish On Lures


Chokoloskee Charters

Fisherman’s World

American Rodsmith

Swift Paddles


Surf to Summit

Adventure Kayak Fishing


Delorme Publishing

Ritchie Compass


Casa Tina in Dunedin

Pelican Products

Creative Feathers


Yak Pads

Columbia Wear


Paddle Boy

Aqua Bound


Mister Twister

Kevin Brant Art

Stiffy Push Poles

Onshore - Offshore Magazine




And that is just so far! There are a few more on the fence who will be added to the list.

Once again, Osprey Bay Outdoors will be awarding an additional Lady Angler and Junior Angler prize.

The day of the tournament, at the shop: Live Music Barbeque, Beer and Sodas Paddling & Fishing Seminars Paddling Demo’s with Manufacturer’s Rep’s

I would also recommend
the kayakfishingstuff.com forums, since they have regional listings which are places to get info about tournaments and get togethers like this past weekend in Mosquito Lagoon.

Also check out ExtremeEdgeKayakFishing.com


Ditto on KFS
For example… on the KFS, Cajun Country Forum you can learn all about PaddlePalooza III to be held April 22nd, 2006 in Port Fourchon, Loozyanna.

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