Kayak fishing with POWER!

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Never paddle again...watch the video!

Thanks Redmond!

Defeats the purpose…
I bought the kayak because I wanted to paddle.

That’s not a yak anymore. Why not
get a boat??? Yakking is about paddling. Find another forum for power boats, please.

I’ve already got
two powerboats, one of which hasn’t seen the water for two seasons now. Time to sell and buy a composite yak. The other one is a pontoon boat which i will never sell.

Can you say…
…“Tongue in cheek?”

Got to look at one of these
up close and personal a few weeks back. They’re intresting craft, but rather heavy and need to be launched at good ramps. They’re not all that fast or that powerful either. The owner talked about going up river on the Doah but had to stop at the first 6 inch ledge he got to because he didn’t have enough power to push up the tongue and further upriver. With a craft that weighs over a hundred pounds…and the emergency paddle wasn’t gonna help him. A portage around wasn’t an option either. Seemed to be just as much trouble to own and maintain as full-sized boats to me.