Kayak Fishing

I am a disabled Veteran and bought a yak last week to assist with exercise, it is a Eagle Run, Field and Steream 12’ with a 500 lbs load capacity; I am overweight. From the point I bought it, till now I have been looking up and buying those things which I will need. Right now I am awaiting a car carrier and a easy kayak loading device (forgot the name). If the ezloader don’t work, I’ll have to buy a trailer. I want to do some fishing near where I live and maybe do some camp/yaking somewhere in the state. I am alone and will be alone. I plan on being alone. No friends here and that’s that. Any ideas of places in Ohio where I can launch my yak and carry a lunch with a beverage in it to eat while in the yak? I went to Wallace Lake, in the metro parks of Ohio but they prohibit food and beverages in the yak. Also they have different fishing and boating regulations which I have been unable to find, I’ll have to call them up on Tuesday. Ok, thanks.

See if this helps.

Good luck. Stay safe and have fun. When it comes to beverages, be careful if the beverages are adult beverages. You know you’re own limits, but stay well below your limit when paddling, especially alone. When things turn bad, they do it quickly and it’s important to keep your wits about you.

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Thank you.
I just wanted to thank you for your service and sacrifice. I hope kayaking works out for you and you get a lot of enjoyment from it.

You may want to look into a H.O.W. event as well. H.O.W. is Heroes On the Water. They set up kayak fishing events for disabled vets.

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