Kayak Fit problem

I’m not sure, but I’m beginning to suspect that I have a Fit problem.

I’m not sure I have enough room in the cockpit. Also I may need a longer paddle as I keep scraping the sides of the kayak.

Perhaps these photos will help illustrate. I would appreciate any advice.


Paddle length seems fine
but you’re holding it upside-down.

And don’t bend you elbows so much.

There’s a right side up?
That must be a future lesson. Thanx!!!

Looks good to me (nm)

Yep boats too big
Send it to me and go buy a smaller one.

Paddlin’ on


Absolutely, it’s too big

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That was my first reaction when I saw your pictures, before I read the other responses.

You need to find a boat where you are much lower to the water.

Possibly get a shorter one too.
That is way too much boat for you.


Can you carry that thing?
The boat looks too big for you. And the paddle looks too long and probably it’s shaft too wide, and it’s upside down.

You don’t look safely in control. You must be this o->–< tall to ride that kayak. You’re this o->-< tall.

Boat’s fine. Ur Mini-me.

I thought that was pretty good…
control for a first solo effort.

yep. too small
Try the LOT 41 kayak, should fit alittle better but may still be a bit small.

A bent shaft will solve your problem *NM

The fit’s just fine.

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Don't pay any attention to negative replies.
First of all, your technique's perfect -- I see
almost absolutely no wake at stern of your boat.
Upside down paddle or not. Second: Your hair color
matches the boat! Is that dumb luck or what???
Finally, after you go through puberty and hit
rapid growth, that yak's gonna fit like a glove.
(Think of all the money and time saved by not
prematurely switching to smaller boats and then
back again. Keep up the good work.

better fit
maybe sitting on a couple of phone books?

how adorable
at least she’s smiling and having fun. Keep up the good work and those bicepts will be toned before she knows it. :->

The phone book idea isn’t half bad

that was pretty funny… I was going to suggest on my way bacl from work swapping you kayaks… but then I saw the pics…

get some oars and oarlocks, or better
yet an outboard motor.

dont be such a cheapie
your kid deserves a properly fitted kayak and paddle…sheesh kids always have to make do with hand me downs.

giver her the lifetime gift of paddling…unless you are scared she will outrun you!

that kid has a nicer kayak than me!!!

That’s the spirit(boat) which I intended

lots of room for my stuffed animals!!!