kayak floats...??

new to this if anyone wants to know…thanks for all the info everyone has shared…

QUESTION>where do i put my kayak float(triangle float) in an Acadia 12.5?..do i inflate them before i go out and store them in the kayak or on top…

i know its a stupid question but again you guys are a great resource…andy

they need to be attached to the interior of your boat in some manner or they will simply float free in the event of a capsize. If you’re already aware of this, forgive my presumption.

Most flotation bags have an attachment point of some sort that will allow you to fasten it to your boat. Installing vinyl patched D rings is a good plan or you can use the inner nut of a padeye if your boat is equipped with deck rigging.

If none of the above are viable, you can glue in blocks of minicell foam strategically placed to act as stops to keep the bag from escaping.

If your boat has toggles or loops, see if you can access the inner nuts and rig a line and carabiner to attach the bag to. A small youngster might be able to achieve better access to this narrow area.

I keep my float bags in my boats during the season. After each paddle I deflate them by about 30% to avoid seam stress during temperature fluctuations.

During the off season I store them indoors with the valve open.

Good luck and paddle safe.


Am I wrong?
I thought the Acadia had floatation.



yes it does
yes the acadia has two thick foam blocks at the stern and bow, but i didn’t know if this was enough in case of a capsize…please advise…andy

Foam Pillars
in the stern and bow will not keep your boat much above water after a capsize. Take measurements of how much length you need and get spit ww floatation bags to fill in the space. Tie the front set to the foot peg rails. Tie the back set to your seat or the seatback/back band. The more water you displace, the easier it is to empty the boat after a capsize.


Attachment points
It’s often easy to add an eye inside the hull any place there’s one outside the hull. You may need slightly longer bolts, but it saves drilling more holes.