Kayak flotation

I have a WS Pamlico 145 tandem. There is no flotation in the kayak. I want to buy bow and stearn split bag flotation bags. Do I have to remove them when I transport my kayak? I always transport my kayak upsdie down with the stearn facing front of van.

No, just tie them in
No need to remove them, but you might want to tie them in.

There may already be a D-ring or other feature for you to use. Otherwise you may want to glue in a D-ring or just a loop of vinyl or nylon webbing.

I’m sure I will now get flamed for recommending this because of the severe risk of death from the potential entrapment hazard that this will cause.

Various Opinions

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At the least, you should make sure they are inflated well enough to stay tight in there if you will be traveling with them in the boat. That may require some release of air if you then drive home on a really hot day and stop for lunch while everything bakes in the sun, but a decent float bag is impressively tough.

Part of the question is also how well they are anchored by footpegs, that kind of thing. In WW boats there are usually pretty solid obstacles like backbands and bulkheads that will keep a lightly inflated bag in there. But in a boat like yours, there may not be near as much holding them in. Also, do you travel with or without a cockpit cover on the boat? With one, there'd be little wind turbulence. Without one it's another story.

Personally, while I usually leave them in my WW boat including traveling with an uncovered cockpit (largely because it's a pain to get them back in), I'd tend to remove them from a boat like yours.

Tie them in
It can’t hurt to secure float bags in the boat. If the wind can force them out during transport, they are too loose to stay in place when the boat is overturned in the water. I have never removed mine from the boat. Just release some pressure before transport as noted above. This also allows everything to dry out quickly. Nothing worse than mildew growing in your kayak.

secure secure secure
I think you should definitely secure the float bags inside the boat - not so that they stay there while transporting (which they will), but so that they stay there should you wet exit. Float bags have been known to just pop out of a flooded boat.

Kayak Flotation
Thanks to all that answered. I will be getting a set from NRS.