Kayak Footbrace modification....

-- Last Updated: Jul-22-14 9:45 AM EST --

I am looking for advice regarding modifying my footbrace rudder control system.
I have a Tiderace Pace 18 which came stock with the SmartTrack rudder and footpegs. I am not a fan of foot pegs and prefer the ergonomics of a footbrace so I went off on a modifacation adventure. I bought the Onno footbrace and had patrick make it taller than is standard so it fits down well for good heel contact. I initially used Yakima tracks (which perfectly screw into the mounts for the Smart Track and spent a lot of time getting them so they were perfectly square so as to facilitate fore/aft adjustment. Alas, that did not work so well because when the footbrace was attached there was not enough legroom wnen it was slid fully forward. I ciphered out that the reason for that was that the Yakima pegs would not go as far fore as the SmartTrack. So I went back to the SmartTrack system and attached the Onno footbrace to it. Results were mediocre. With only the two anchor points and the convex Smarttrack footpads, there was more movement then I would like. I also do not like the inordinate amount of work to readjust the rudder control lines for each minimal adjustment fore or aft with the footbrace,

So now I am looking at other options.....
1) Another way to attach the Onno? Maybe a different way to route the lines?
2) Ditch the Onno and find another systmem?
2a) Would either the Epic 18x or Stellar 18R rudder systems work?


You could always ask the builder.
How much more length do you need ?

You can very easily gain a solid inch by fliing another groove in the Yakimas.

I also have a simple and clean, tool free way to perfectly fill holes should you decide to simply re-drill new mounting locations.

Also, if I remember right … The older Yakimas had grooves that went longer to one side than the other. You might be able to flip them over and gain length. but the above filing works.

Yup, one more notch is easy for 1" extra
I’ve done the extra notch in the Yakima rails and it does give about 1" extra. Very easy to do.

Also, are you paddling barefoot or with shoes? Perhaps change to lower profile/softer footwear?