Kayak for 5'8" Male 150 lb

I’m a 150lb, 5’8" tall male. Need input on new kayak. I currently have a Current Design Breeze that I feel is too big of a fit. Was looking at a Perception Sea Lion and a Impex Mystic. I mainly paddle rivers and intra coastal areas. Would appreciate any input on the suitability of the above or any other kayaks appropriate for my size. I’ve been paddling 5 years.


Mystic is a nice boat
An NDK Romany, Impex Montauk, Necky Chatham 16, etc… might each be appropriate.

In general…
A bunch of boats in the about 16’ range would serve you well - what may help narrow things down a bit is if you could indicate what kinds of skills you have now and where you’d like to go. A lot of these boats are quite responsive and support skills like rolling especially well, even many of the Greenland moves, others are less so but have a bit more forward speed.

Have you thought about this part?

Current Skill Level
Thanks for your reply. I would classify myself as an advanced beginner. I would like to learn more advanced skills, escpecially rolling. Speed is nice but not essential and would prefer a a responsive boat. I don’t want to limit myself.

I’m About Your Size
I’m just a little heavier than you and I really like the Tempest 165. It behaves nicely and I find it incredibly comfortable.

You might also consider
A low volume NDK Explorer. I’m about the same size/weight as you and really like the snug feeling I get in the LV – I don’t feel like I’m wallowing around in a larger cockpit.


Virginia Sea Kayak Center

Currituck length better for you
Rather than the Mystic, which is not much longer than your current boat, consider the Currituck. I think if you outgrew your current boat you will appreciate the 17 foot Currituck. I am also an advanced beginner, half an inch taller than you, and 5 pounds heavier. I am snug and in control and appreciate the room for size 10 mukluks in the winter here in Virginia. By all means try out before you buy!

Capella … Avocet
… Also good boats in that size. Very capable and well made.

I’m your height, a little heavier, and also a beginner. I’ve got a Tempest 165 … great boat. It’s actually my 3rd Tempest … started with a plastic 175, sold it, ended up with a glass 175, then traded down (jn size) to a 165 glass.

Capella 163 was my 2nd choice … liked the Impex too. Avocet felt too small, but I know larger people than me use it. Would have been happy with any of these boats … Didn’t care for the Chatham, but they seem popular on this board.

For me, the T is the most comfortable … cockpit as well as blend of primary and secondary stability. Impex, Capella and Avocet seemed to have a little less primary, while the Chatham had less secondary… just MHO.

Impex Force Cat 3
might be another boat to demo and see if you like it. Less maneuverable than say a Romany or an Avocet, but a very nice boat all the same.

I paddle a Tempest - 165 roto
and find it to be a versatile kayak. It is a comfortable fit for me and the adjustments of the backband/bottom thigh support/hip pads/knee hooks helps to achieve it. Some bigger thigh/leg people find it to tight for them. I am a bit disappointed with the leaky hatches I have in this roto T - 165. Just done a review for it in the product reviews.

The Mystic
is a wonderful boat. I still have a review in here somewhere, I think. The Montauk is nice, too if you need more storage.

I might also suggest an Eddyline Nighthawk 16 and, if you want a quick, easy to build s & g, the Pygmy Arctic Tern is hard to beat.

Feel free to email me about any of these boats. We have all of these (and more) so I can give you specifics.

unfortunately …
… Leaky hatches are a well deserved reputation for the Tempest. Sounds like the new hatches have fixed the problem, but these may only be in glass.

Search this board for solutions … identifying the source of the leak can lead to the fix. Skeg cable openings through the bulkheads, for example, can be sealed … as can the clamp where the cable attaches to the skeg box.

I have found that Tempest hatches need a little more care making sure they are seated properly… I press down all around the perimeter to make sure they are all the way down, making sure the string is inside the hatch and not on the rim.

Re: Kayak for 5’8" Male 150 lb
I’m two inches shorter and maybe a pound or two lighter, and I found the Valley Aquanaut LV to be a very good fit. If you take one for a test paddle, keep in mind that the plastic and composite models are different on this boat. The composite fit me better.

Concur with Benc- I have a roto LV
Aquanaut and I’m 5’9" and 150#.

The composite is a snugger fit with a narrower beam. I use mini-cell on the sides to tighten it up for me.

In my opinion both boats are fine for someone your size and fun to paddle. They can do a lot of things well.