Kayak for a big, old ,ugly guy.

Just a test to see if it gets as many responses as the post “kayak for a slim woman”.

You needing another boat?
Just kidding. You’re not that old.

Big,old, ugly guys
allways paddle canoes. Everyone knows that.

Mark - Medium,old,ugly guy.

…ugly guys only paddle canoes?

Sure…here ya go!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be helping the slim, attractive lady over on aisle 2 with a good fit…err…picking out a boat.

Hardy har har

Keep old stuff hidden, warm and dry, under the skirts

Suggest reword request
to focus on what you want: an attractive or good-looking boat, maybe one that comes with a free puppy.

I didn’t know you cared !
I’d like a V6 Tourer.

Old,ugly,and canoes = FE
No offense intended.

Me too.

Take any boat
90% of the boats on the market are for big, old guys, ugly or not.

How big ? How old, and …
how ugly ?


String, you can get any kayak you want and you will still be big, old and ugly guy.


Aw, String,
You’re already ahead of the medium, middle-aged cute guy.

Nobody’s interested in a guy who calls himself “cute.” Whereas your modesty has an appeal.

But you have enough boats.

De Tilley makes up fer old, an’ ugly

For you I’d recommend
a Wenonah Canyak or Bell Rob Roy… And a paper bag to wear under your Tilley…

Watch it, Red Cross Randy—
did you intend that “bag over her head” comment for me, or for the big ole ugly String?

Sorry if you were offended Sissy!

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I definitely meant it for Jim...

Maybe someone could make a Tilley with a drop down bag like a ski-mask. I've seen them with head nets for the blackfies.