Kayak for A Tall Guy


I have been fishing all my life in creeks, rivers, ponds, lakes, inlets, and the ocean. I have always wanted a kayak after years of wading, paddling canoes, drift boats, and a variety of larger boats. Now that my oldest two boys are in their early teens they are very interested in kayaks, as well.

I am 6’7" and weigh about 325 athletic lbs, so I am looking for a larger capacity kayak, preferably in the $1200 to $1800 range. I would like a kayak that would hold enough gear for a 1-2 night camping/fishing trip, as well. I am guessing I would need closer to a 450-500 lb capacity.

I like the FeelFree Lure 13.5 that is coming out this fall, at least on paper. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on other large kayaks in that price range that could hold a guy my size, allow me to stand up and fish, and carry my camping gear along with my fishing gear. It would be great to use with my wife and kids, as well, in their smaller kayaks. I know we would use it in rivers (we have a mountain home on a medium sized river), lakes (we like to camp on a large lake nearby), and in the creeks, inlets, and ocean areas around jetties, etc. So a kayak that could handle all types of water would be great.

I appreciate any advice. I think this would be a great hobby for the whole family!

to tall

I’m 6’4" but skinny n do stretching exercises everyday for years.

Kevlar Solstice Titan. size 15 sandal goes in and out.

Check coaming heights. Big feet go in AND out, splayed.

try attending a demo day…probably listed in Padnet

Typical terrain
How far afield would you be traveling on your usual outing?

I sense that you have two separate goals in mind.which is the more important parameter, speed/efficiency or a unencumbered utility platform?

There’s a couple of sea kayaks that come to mind for your tripping needs and the current Moken 12.5 would probably suit your fishing needs )no you can’t swap out the Lure seat - although it would be a cushy ride that makes a heck of a beach chair)

See you on the water,


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body twin!
We’re twins! I’m 6’4" and have size 15 feet too. We can talk about where to buy shoes, etc…

I paddle an Impex Force 5, which has enough space for my feet under the deck and might have enough load bearing for the OP.

ruined my feet practicing backpacking ONCE short hike down to the Pacific at Alder Creek. Solstice has 13" at the front coming. Max roomy.

Boots in 15EE were made and sold a coupla years ago…very scarce. I looked from last Fall on but zero in Nubuck+ After size 11 good outdoors shoes scarce. No percentiles for sales.

Wayne Horodowich is 6’6"-6’7" but lean. Also in a Solstice. Wayne taught me some kayaking but…thinking over this I never watched Wayne get in or out.


I am advised practicing the Bear n Paddle Entry is necessary for Juneau/Hoonah/Cape Adolphus paddling.

I’m a kayaker but have you thought
about a canoe? There are many experienced canoeists on this site that could steer you in that direction and it could be used with wife, kids, or grandkids.

Kudos to you for including the family and making awesome memories.

Best of luck in your search.