Kayak for daughter?

Ok. I hate to admit it but now my daughter wants to try a kayak. She’s 12 yrs old, 5 ft tall (+/- 1") weighs about 80lbs, atlethic.

What would be a good Kayak for her? We paddle mostly flat water but also try to find some good shoals CL I/II.



Try AquaDynamics
or the new Raven by Current Designs. My daughter has grown up with the Aqua Dynamic Cadet 11 since the age of 5. She is now 10 years old 52" in hight and 64lbs and can whip that boat around like nobody’s business. It is an outstanding design for children. I would also suggest a GP. Children can handle a GP with very little instruction.



Jackson Kayaks
has a rep for fitting young ones well.


What is a GP? I know absolutely nothing about kayaks other than they float and you paddle them.

Whatever it is I hope it can keep up with my Penobscot. But from what I’ve been told, most any yak will do that. Oh yeah, cost. Want one cheap of course.



Small paddler
The Perception Carolina 12 or EPI Episea are frequently mentioned here as good flat/quickwater kayaks for kids. Anything shorter & wider will be frustrating if your daughter wants to keep up with you. Both should have float bags added. Don’t forget a proportionally sized paddle.

Impex Gale

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Try Impex Gale. The 11 yr old daughters of the guys I paddle with is about the size of your daughter and she paddles one with a lot of success. Dad does tow her on long paddles.

Current Design Squamish
My daughter is 5 ft 2 - 15 yrs 115 lbs and she’s used a Perception sparky, Perception acadia, current design breeze (all too wide and slow), likes my wilderness systems tempest 165 but “loves” her current design Squamish - a great fit for a smaller person - low volume so she doesnt have to reach up to paddle and not too expensive as it is plastic. I enjoy it too as it is reasonably light for a longer poly boat.

One more thing
We paddle flatwater lakes and some rivers - once she took it thru class II by accident and did fine but… its not a whitewater boat design so i dont know if its appropriate for that.

Prijon Capri Tour.

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The lightest 12 foot plastic kayak available.
And a tow line for when she gets tired. Works for my 11 yo son. Good luck.

have daughter will paddle
After having to put up with my daughter getting tired of paddling almost to the point of not wanting to, I found a boat for her. While in maine, we rented a 17’ necky looksha. Now I’m not a Rudder guy -don’t want to go there, but this boat has really done well for her. She claims it’s not tippy, and is quit fast. I paddled it once and was very impressed, although It was a shoe horn for me. My daughter is 10, 5’ and about 100lbs. I would definitely go long and thin versus Stable. For one thing she probably has better balance and flexibility than you.

Kayak for daughter…
Can you really trade a daughter for a kayak? I didn’t realize that was an option, and I have three of them, two in their teenage years. The only similar posts I’ve seen were a kayak for a wife.

I hear things get better when they turn 19 or so (the daughters, not the kayaks), but for now, that sounds like a good trade.

At 12 she is too old for a toy boat
Whichever one you decide on, just keep it long and lean. Unless of course you just want to discourage her from paddling then get one that is short and fat.

NC 11 Squirt
http://www.nckayaks.com/squirt.htm should fit her for a few years at least. A boat longer than 14’ will likely be unwieldy for her since she is still pretty small at 80 lbs.