Kayak for first marathon or ultra


I’ve been lurking on these boards for several months… so many great reviews that helped me to evaluate a lot of different kayaks.

I’ve had a fun year with a variety of recreational kayaks and would like to step up to something faster and lighter.

I have a lot of experience running marathons and ultra marathons and would like to explore that side of kayaking as well. At the same time, I’m only buying one kayak so I’m looking for something versatile enough for everyday use, but something that won’t be too slow in a long distance event.

So in addition to any specific models anyone wants to recommend, I’m not even certain what category of kayak I should be looking at.

The first race I’m looking at is General Clinton in NY. I’m in PA, so it’s not too far to go.

Thanks in advance!

my recommendation would be
to get a touring kayak with a fast hull. Epic, QCC, Stellar are a few brands. I’ve been considering a similar upgrade but not for racing.

QCC-700 or Epic 18
But be for you do the Clinton you better get some long distance training under your belt.

It won’t be your stamina. Your butt will give out before it.

Jack L

Jack’s got it

Height/weight & load?
Fitting specs and are you planning on any Watertribe style expedition races Of so factor in you, personal kit +45lbs.

Without knowing sizing I’ll make a few wild suggestions of Impex Force 4 or 5, P&H Cetus MV or HV. There’s some Current Designs models that would fit the bill too.

See you on the water,


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Check Out Race Rules

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To determine what kayak qualifies (18"X20')?

Are you capable of averaging 10 mph or 8.75 mph to finish the 70 mile race in 7 or 8 hours? It will take you 10 hours to finish the race at a 7 mph pace. You'll need more than a fast boat. You got to portage too, which should be your strength. Good luck!

Size and specs
I’m 5’10", 170lb. Thanks for the help!