kayak for human and dog

Any suggestions on kayak that will hold full grown adult and 65 lb dog. Was looking for a sit in but can’t seem to find one with a large enough cockpit.

Canoes work
but if you are set on a Kayak maybe a pungo?

previous discussions
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Klepper Folbot Longhaul
to name a few

Old Town
I used to have a Loon 138 that fit my 65 lb golden retriever. Pretty heavy kayak but paddles ok. The dog needs to be trained to lie down with its hind quarters under the deck, facing you.

WS Pamlico 135T/145T
should work, maybe with the bow seat removed if necessary… the 135T is flat-hulled and a bit wider which works well for shallow waters and extra primary stability, and the 145T is a shallow V which will be faster. The 145T is also listed as being lighter.

Old Town
A 14’ Old Town Dirigo also has a huge cockpit. (The cockpit is smaller in the shorter sizes, though.)

WS Tarpon 130T, big Newf

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Hi there! I searched for over a year for a kayak big enough to use for water rescue training with my Newfoundland service dog Orka.

Only one big enough: Wilderness Systems Tarpon 130T, plastic rotomolded tandem Sit On Top, front 1/2 modified as traction draining platform for Newf to sit, lay, stand, dive, jump, board and unboard.

Works very well! The pix say it all.

Leska Emerald Adams

Newf Weight
Orka weighs 140 pounds, still growing, fit and strong, loves water.

the pic is on dry land
but the Tri-yak works very well for 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, or 3. It might have been the first longer SOT for multi-use.


A Pungo or a Bic Scapa are both boats I’ve seen used in addition to the Pamlico. But Really if I was doing it I’d use a canoe.

What kind of water?
Based on canoeing experience with my dogs, if you doing any kind of rapids I wouldn’t recommend a SOT, but then my dogs don’t listen well or stay still. If you’re interested in canoeing with dogs, that’s a whole different story, but it would still depend on the type of paddling you’ll be doing.

Jackson Daytripper 12 Elite
Hello, I just purchased the Jackson Day Tripper 12 Elite for this exact reason. I wanted something to fit my 75 lb. golden. This cockpit is HUGE! Enough room for him to completely lay down in front without any contact to the paddler. I haven’t had it in the water just yet (too cold), but I think it will be great. I have it in the living room so he can get used to getting in and out.

Check it out at www.jacksonkayak.com.

why a SINK?
I know. I hate it when people do that.

It just seems like egress would be much easier with a canoe or a SOT.

There’s a lot of different size,…
adult. Personally, there wouldn’t be a lot of kayaks that would work with me and a 65lb dog because we’d be over 300lbs without any gear.

Like many poster here, I’d lean toward a canoe.

Consider the Jackson

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Might take a look at the Daytripper...hybrid kayak/canoe. I've had it for a few years and use it for the same situations you describe.

Check out the video on the link below.
Take the tray out when you take you dog.