Kayak for hunting

Hi all,
I’m loking at the Bonafide SS107 for fishing, how do y’all think it would work for waterfowl hunting. I’m also considering the Radar 115 and Old Town Sportsman 120. Thoughts on which would work best?
Thanks in advance!

Hunting what? If it’s waterfowl, I’d get the most stable boat I could. Are you thinking about shooting from the boat?

Yes, considering it. Just getting into waterfowl hunting.

Pass shooting from a kayak could get real interesting. Can you try them in the water with a stick for a gun and swing like they are coming fast from your left? I’m thinking serious torso rotation with no paddle in the water.
I used to jump shoot ducks in creeks from a paddled John boat but they almost always flushed ahead.

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I will try that test, thats a great idea. Thanks!

The recoil from 12 ga duck or goose loads may flip you. I’ve seen 2 guys dump over in a canoe when both guys fired off the same side. I’d wanna actually shoot before buying - anyone you know have a kayak you can try it in?

Not that this is a debate but I can’t see shooting from a canoe or most kayaks.
Some fishing kayaks are made to stand in which should make sitting and shooting not a problem.
My other thought is what I didn’t experience but came close. I took some photos from a surf ski. Doing that or focusing on a moving target with a shotgun shouldered correctly moves your center of gravity up and your stability down.
The ideal hunting kayak would be pedal driven. Sort of like a fishing kayak.

Can you mount outriggers on your kayak?

Pedal drive capability is one of the reasons I like the Bonafide and the Radar.
This is all great food for thought, thanks. I do know I’m not a fan of canoes. I have paddled both and prefer a yak.

Unfortunately not. My friends with yaks have sit ins. Although the EX123 may be suitable.

I like this idea, will research it.

They should have fired another volley to roll themselves back upright…

Around here NW Pa everyone fishing or doing any bird hunting from a kayak are using SOT with the seat height extended a bit and DIY pontoons made from floats you can buy on line or 5” pool noodles and PVC pipe. A DIY search on line will show you many examples. Most use the rod holders as a mounting point. Canoes are used with and without out rigged pontoons and many also have canoes that come with or have added sponsons. The outriggers can be made retractable or removable and lowered down once you get to your location.

The ones I see on kayaks are extended back of the seat and allow mostly normal paddling.

A friend of mine in a sea kayak trashed nearly $2,000 worth of a Nikon DSLR and lens when he tried to photograph a flock of geese that flew over him. I wouldn’t want to do that with a loaded gun.

You need something exceptionally stabile.

As others have said swinging and shooting would be a definite challenge for even the most stable kayak.

Not saying they would work, but Jackson Kayak makes a catamaran “kayak” with pedal drive that is much wider (more stable) than conventional kayaks. I’m sure there are other manufacturers, but those are the only I’ve seen.

Edited to add: If I was looking to hunt out of a human powered craft I’d use my homebuilt rowboat.

People hunt out of canoes all the time. I don’t see why a fishing kayak would be a problem. If they are stable enough to stand in I don’t think a 12 ga is going to knock them over.