Kayak for medium, middle-aged, cute guy

Figured I’d join the madness.

After all, the Advice threads on which kayak to buy are staring to read like the Craigslist personals. o_0

(and no, I don’t really want too much advice on what boat to buy… I’ve got my short list narrowed down fairly well:

Etain 17-5

Xplore M




Gemini ST (or maybe not, Valley’s been dragging-ass on delivering these boats)

what for?
What are you going to do in that kayak?

re: what?
Oh, I figured I’d pick up chicks.

red metal flake finish then (NM)

That color picks up men.
Yellow to red fade metal flake picks up the chicks.

Need to change my order then

Don’t forget…
…to consider a new paddle. I’d skip a bent shaft and get a nice long straight shaft…

That is a nice list. I would be careful

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on that long,straight shaft though.Shoulder injuries can happen.
Winter must be approaching.

That can be avoided…
…by using more hip motion with that straight shaft. I better not continue along these lines or I might just get sent to my corner for a time out:)

TWSS. =]

You obviously have a great deal of experience with shafts of all kinds, and were simply imparting your knowledge.

Apparently, a medium, middle-aged, cute
guy might be an example of a MAMIL.

This acronym for “Middle Aged Man In Lycra” seems to be catching on in the UK. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/sep/11/mamil-middle-aged-men-in-lycra?INTCMP=SRCH

Somehow this seemed relevant.

I do road-bike sometimes, so guilty as charged, but I really hope the term ‘MAMIL’ doesn’t catch on here in the good ol’ US of A… =<br />

Get a double
Just put a sign on the boat “free rides”.